GE Enbrighten Zwave Plus Switch issue

So I have a GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus light switch. When I press up the switch relay in the switch turns on the physical connected light. I also have a double tap on and off simple rule that I use a to trigger a relay for the ceiling fan in the room. I recently added some led light strip for under the bed. I noticed that this switch supports press and hold so I have tried to make a rule to turn the under bed led strip on when I press and hold up. The rule works but the internal relay/switchseems to also be triggered when you press and hold up or down. I can't seem to find a setting to disconnect turning the room light on or off when I press and hold.

Any idea why the internal switch gets triggered when I press and hold?

The same thing happens to me. You can't get over it, I don't think.

I'd suggest you switch to @JasonJoel 's excellent driver, link below.
(On a side note, I don't why know @bobbyD closed the thread, since it's a driver thread still in use.)

I use it in a house full of those toggle switches.

It gives you the equivalent of 6 buttons, but of course, one up and one down will still turn on/off the main relay.

Now, if you wanted to stick with the factory driver, I guess you could make a double tap up toggle the fan, and a double tap down toggle the led strip.

But, with @JasonJoel 's driver, you could use a double tap up and down to turn on/off the fan, and a triple tap up and down to turn on/off the led strip.

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perfect! that's awesome!.. This is exactly why I love the openness of some meal to create their own drivers.. No idea what this manufacturer had in mind tying these two features together. unless this meant to be a dimmer

someone needs to let him to update line 49. there's a closing ] that's in the comment in the line above it and it should be the next line... I don't know how to use GitHub two tell people these things

Wasn't me :slight_smile: The reason is in the closure message. The OP can tag @support_team to have any automated closed threads re-opened for posting, but usually is better to create a new thread and tag the OP:

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But this is the go-to, origination thread for this excellent driver.

So question this is just the driver. is this not a firmware issue. Even with the new driver I have the same issue because it's in firmware. If I press and hold both up and up hold gets triggered...

The Enbrighten/Jasco/Ultrapro switches don't have a "bulb mode" where they aren't changing the circuit status on each press up or down (or press and hold as you're seeing). AFAIK you don't have that option w/these switches. You'd need an Inovelli or Zooz switch w/bulb mode (and multi-tap) enabled.

W/@JasonJoel's excellent drivers you can set up to six buttons - Top single/double/triple, Bottom singe/double/Triple. But there is no bulb mode for any driver to enable.


If you want to control three devices on/off separately w/the same Enbrighten switch, I think you're going to have to use single, double, and triple taps up (on) and down (off).

Another option (which I've used) is mount a simple battery powered button next to the existing switch to control the additional LED strip. In some cases using a separate button can also allow you the additional benefit of placing it in an more convenient position than the existing light switch. This would require that the LED strip is smart, or connected to a smart plug/outlet.

yeah I have the zooz's decor scene controllers right beside each of us in the bed so we can control the house and bedroom from our bed. these switches are great and you could do what you said and use a double gang switch plate and it will look like it belongs there!

It's just weird that single press up turns the relay on (expected result) and press and hold turns the relay on and triggers a press and hold (why trigger 2 actions with 1 press) Like I'm trying to imagine why it functions like this. Press and hold should be it's own seperate command just like triple and double tap is. seems weird to tie together the tap and tap and hold.

Yeah, it just seems like GE/Jasco decided they didn't want/need to implement a bulb mode or a separate press and hold option, for whatever reasons in their marketing/position plans.

It does make their switches easier to use for folks not used to smart switches, where (for a dimmer at least) press and hold means turn on and get brighter just like a regular light switch.

Maybe @jascoproducts can chime in. I am sure there is a good reason or a good opportunity.