GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switches not showing up in HomeKit

Why would my smart switches not show in the Hubitat app to present to HK, yet all the Enbrighten dimmers are present?


@donleamon Switch your driver for those to generic z-wave plus switch. Click save, then click configure and see if they show up

Which driver do they use? HomeKit implementation has some restrictions. So things like Kasa IP based devices will not appear in the app. Note to self: got to add an "incompatible devices" section to the app.

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I use 30+ GE Enbrighten toggle switches in two homes and they all work in HE with the Generic ZWave driver. They also show up in HomeKit, but I am still using Homebridge. I haven't adopted the HomeKit Integration yet.

Thanks for the replies all! Generic driver worked.

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