GE Enbrighten Not Listed as Device Type

I just set up my Hubitat. I included a GE Enbrighten dimmer. The GE Enbrighten Dimmer does not show up on the Device detail.

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This is a ZWave dimmer switch, correct? Does it show up at ALL and as a generic device, or does it not show up period?

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Yes - it is a Zwave dimmer. It does not automatically detect GE Enbrighten dimmer. When I go to manually select GE Enbrighten Dimmer from the Device Type, it is not even in the list.

When it was included, what device type did it show up as? If it showed up as a generic zwave dimmer and it works, then no worries. If it showed up as just "device" it may have been a bad inclusion.

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I can try excluding and reincluding. Do you think it is odd that it isn't even in the list of Device Types?

Actually I DO see the zWave Enbrighten dimmer in the device type dropdown... can you post a screen shot of what the device detail looks like?

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 12.53.09 PM

I'm working with @bing3272 on this...

He literally has NO get devices as options in the device type list.

It's almost like the list is incomplete... there isn't even "Generic zwave dimmer" for example.

Ah... ok! That's different... All yours, let me know if you need assistance.

No, I'm stumped too! I'm just following along.

Oh ok! Thanks for clarifying. @bing3272 would be great to see what device type the device first included as... an exclusion and re-inclusion might fix the issue but it does seem kinda weird that no device types show up.

Reboot the hub?

Rebooted and excluded and reincluded already.

Wondering if a hub reset is in order?

You could do a soft reset if it's a completely new hub... seems weird though. What version is it on?

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agreed. It's only a couple of weeks old... he's on

Is there anything else on it? Could do a backup, soft reset, restore... but still seems weird.

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I would try a soft reset, and (if desired) a restore of a backup.

Beyond that, I would think contacting support is the next step.


Soft reset solved the issue. So odd!


Actually, not odd. If your hubโ€™s database becomes corrupted, as by an abrupt loss of power at a critical moment when the database is being updated, it could cause oddness. When you backup the database by downloading a local copy, a record-by-record backup is done of the database, which prunes out the garbage of corrupted records. Then, doing a Soft Reset wipes the current database, and restoring the newly-made backup gives you a sanitized database.

Of course, your database might get horribly corrupted in a way that canโ€™t be sanitized, which is why you should make a backup before and after making changes.

Oh, and because you are new to Hubitat, itโ€™s wise to put your hub on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), just as you should do to any computer.


As @672southmain said, database corruption . Don't just unplug. Always shutdown cleanly from the settings menu, then unplug.


And do not unplug at the hub, always at the wall. The power receptacle in the hub has a weak solder point, and plugging in, unplugging can cause a dead hub.