GE Dimmer with Occupancy Question

Has anybody used these switches?

Can they report motion to HE?

Yes, and we have a built in driver for it already.


The built-in driver does not allow for changing of modes. The previous custom driver (ported from ST) did allow for this.

Changing modes is extremely important for how I use this device. Do you have any idea when the full features of this device will be including in the native HE driver?

Also, the built-in driver is just for the switch. Could you please add the driver for the dimmer as well?

I don't have any plans currently to modify this driver.
I'm not sure what you mean by modes.

MEarly is referring to Occupancy and Vacancy modes. mlebaugh has a ST driver that looks like it works. Change physicalgraph to hubitat.

I believe also change button to PushableButton. I don't know much about PushableButton changes just yet.

The above driver needs some work. It exposes the Commands for occupancy/vacancy modes, along with Light Sense, but they don't show up under "current states" after a refresh. This is sort of important for this particular switch, in cases where you don't want it to turn on with motion.

For instance, I have one in my bedroom. Under ST I had it set to Vacancy during sleep, and Occupancy during the day. Without this option there is no way to disable the motion sensing and still have manual control of the switch. This morning it was rainy and dark and my wife could not turn on the lights since I have RM set to restrict functionality of the switch during these modes.

@MEarly - I've gotten around this by using RM to control smart bulbs with motion, not the switch. The motion does the turning on, not the switch. Then I can restrict it to certain modes and still have manual control if needed.

Of course this won't help you if you have regular bulbs on the switch.

You might try playing with mlebaugh's driver where you can set the preference for the operating modes. If you set it to "Manual" you might get the result you need. At least until HE can recognize these states.

Lots of good info here: GE Z-Wave Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch - Things That Are Smart Wiki

Sorry, I've been away for months and not participating in the forums due to issues I've been having with HE.

Thanks for those suggestions. I really just want it to work the way it did on ST and when I migrated over to HE.

The beauty of the switch is that all the automation is built-in. I do not want to use something as inelegant as RM to to re-implement functionality that should work on HE just as well as it does on ST, or WITHOUT ANY hub at all.

The headaches have become frustrating, and I've just been patiently waiting for things to settle down, so that, hopefully, issues like this will gain some attention. I assume it's a matter of adoption. It's not Hue or Lutron.

I released a zwave tool last week that allows you to set any parameters that you want, so you can use the built in driver after making the changes.
So long as you don't hit configure with the built in driver after making the changes, the settings will persist.

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Something more might be up here with the driver. I have to wave my hand directly in front of the switch to get it to react sometimes.

Will check out the zwave tool, maybe we can unlock everything in this switch. However, I guess we still won't be able to automate any of the new parameters, is that right?

I just bought and installed my first HE. I have several motion dimmer switches already connected and automating my home via Smartthings.

GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch 26933

I'm starting migration over by testing with just one of these switches (using a non-connected regular LED bulb) as well the Hue bulbs controlled via HE.

I was able to install the device, but it came up as 'device', which gives me no functionality at all. when i change it to what is available (I picked the Jasco, since it is actually Jasco branded by GE), it gives me just motion detector funtions, but no dimmer.

Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switch

The only GE device I see listed is "GE Smart Fan Control"

Any help or direction as to how to get these switches properly installed/paired would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

We don't have a driver for the dimmer version of this device currently.

I do have one on order though...


Same here, I could only get it to install as a device, which doesn’t control anything.

where it says 'device', click on the drop down and assign "Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switch",
this will at least give you the motion capablities until the DH that handles both dimmer and motion is released.

whatever level i last set my switch at manually by using the top/bottom buttons, is the level the light returns to when the hubitat simple lighting rules turn it on.

Mike - can the Jasco driver get updated to support dimming? I have the GE Smart Motion Dimmer verses this thread is the toggle version. Would like to use the dimmers based on mode which you can do with RM.

Btw this works great with RM except that you have to trick RM by selecting your condition as the switch and then change it to motion after you select the device. Not sure how you fix that in the HE.

I have one sitting on my floor, and my todo list...


Does HE allow folks like myself to acquire a copy of a DH so we could modify it ourselves? Just curious how we can contribute back.

@aaron - not for the built-in drivers.

@mike.maxwell - Any chance you'll be able to expose the illuminance and motion sensitivity parameters as well?