GE Dimmer Switch not showing activity in the logs

Hey all,

I have a GE Dimmer Switch using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver that is no longer showing activity in the log since 10/7, yet the light responds to manual changes, digital changes via the device page and via automation.

The device shows it being on, even though I turn it off/on/refresh... One of my RM rules based on lux didn't work today b/c the switch was reporting as on when it was actually off

Hub running v1.1.5.115

Before I go deleting it and re-adding it, what can I look into?


This happened to me for many months now. A device would quit logging events yet automations continued to work. I had to exclude and re add it to get it logging events again. I ended up replacing my problem devices with Plus models when they were on sale many weeks back.

"SMART" in the driver name means 1) it's expecting a ZWave Plus device and 2) there's no refresh command implemented.

Refresh does nothing.

If you have non PLUS devices, use the Generic ZWave Dimmer (or Switch) driver and optionally, create a refresh Rule in RM to periodically do a refresh. (mine run every 35+ seconds)

For those that can afford it, replacing with ZWave Plus is going to be a more satisfying solution, unless you get the Leviton ones that need an OTA upgrade to reliably return status. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies

This device has not been an issue nor has the driver changed since day one of HE (early adopter), not sure what changed this week

Let's say for the sake education, well actually I don't remember if it's a Plus device... is there an easy way to determine beside pulling it from the wall?

Thanks, Rick

Use a SMART driver and go to the device and physically turn it on and off. Do those events show in the logs? On the Dashboard? If yes, yes, then it's a ZWave Plus device.

If physical changes are sent to the Hub, then (for GE) it's ZWave +

I was an early adopter too and this would randomly happen to me.

What is the device ID value in the device? You can get it from the data section at the bottom.

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