GE 14285 I/O 40 amp Smart Switch - only turns on in close proximity with switch door open

Installed the GE/JASCO 14285 40am indoor/outdoor switch into Hubitat. Trying to run a simple automation to turn on/off pool light at sunset/set time. Can't get it to perform.

The Hubitat is physically connected to my WIFI router. The GE/Jasco switch is about 35 ft away (2 rooms in the house and then outside of a window from the hub).

Using the device profile in the Hubitat app, I have tried to simply turn the switch on and off as a test with the following observations.

  • From inside my home, it wont do either

  • From about 10 feet up until right next to the switch, OFF works, but ON will not

  • When I open the door to the switch, then both OFF and ON work.

Why would OFF work but ON does not in most situations until the switch door is left open? Obviously, it is outdoors so leaving the door open is not an option.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Put a beaming repeater in between the two (I recommend a Ring V2 repeater)

Post a screen shot of your z-wave details page so we can see routes and signal rates


Sounds like your antenna has an issue.
Time for an exchange?

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Thank you Rick. I'll screen the details when I get a moment.

Note that I looked at the device log and the scheduled "OFF" at midnight did occur the other day so the problem seems to solely be that "ON" signals, whether they are programmed or done in the moment using the device page do not get received by the switch unless it's door is open.

I have one more day before Amazon will take the switch back so, due to lack of time, I'll probably start the return tomorrow and will try this all again with a new switch.

Still would like your opinion if you have one on why OFF works and ON does not.

Thanks again!

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That's what I'm thinking but the fact that OFF takes and ON does not is puzzling to me

Still be good to post your page while the device is hooked up, just so we have something to reference.

Which page has the details with routes and signal rates?

settings>>z-wave details

The chat won't let me upload the png of the Z-Wave Details. Says "cannot imbed media in a post". Anyway, here are the details written out:

Node: 0x0A (010)
Stats: PER: 20, RTT Avg: 3ms, LWR RSSI: Neighbors 1, Route Changes 11
Status: OK
Device: Pool Lights
Security: None
Route: 01 -> 0A 40kbps

Please let me know your thoughts when you get a moment.

Thank you,


@bobbyd can give you image posting permission. It's a spam preventative measure.

That said, I would put a repeater as close as I could to that so it has to go through the repeater. But when it's turned on for you I want to see your ENTIRE z-wave details page. Though you are at 40kbs which should be enough. I suspect something else but won't know till you post your z-wave details page

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Thanks for the tag. Done!

@user17 you should be able to upload images now.

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Apologies for the delay in responding. Just wanted to update and thank you all.

Installed an Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender 7 about half way between the Hubitat and the GE Outdoor switch and everything began working fine within 10 minutes.

Thank you again for the help!

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