GE 12724 Zwave Dimmer Failure after Power Failure + Generator

I've now had 3 GE 12724 Zwave Dimmers fail, each at a different time. In each case, we had a power failure, in which our whole house generator came on.

-Generator is probably 15 years old, and is a massive 40kW beast
-nearly all our lights are LEDs now, and while on generator, they flicker like crazy and its really annoying

Anyway, after power failure is over, and we're back on grid power, I've found a dead dimmer. It hasn't happened with every power failure. The failed switches (3), I think are on 2 different circuits.


Without knowing the generator model I can't look it up but your lights should not flicker with generators that I've used. My gut reaction is that your generator is faulty.


I'm with Steve's analysis. To take it a bit further, your generator is putting out 60Hz power, right?

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We had a tornado come through my neighborhood back in Feb, crazy, and we were without power for almost 2 days. I hooked up most lights on my gas powered generator and my GE dimmers didn’t like it and they flickered when they weren’t on 100%. I ended up telling family not to use them as I was afraid of a failure. All of my battery UPS hates the generator too. I did a little research and found others had similar issues at least with gas powered generators. My neighbor has a whole house natural gas powered generator and it produces much cleaner and consistent power.

Depending on the age of your GE switches they do come with a 2 year warranty so you may want to reach out to Jasco support to see what they say.

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Hey there, I had one fail after turning off/on the breaker... I called GE and they were fantastic, had a free replacement in the mail the next day

Good luck


I have had several ge switches die. The blinking blue led light. In my case it always happens when the power blinks. That said I have also had 2 come back to life after a day or two. Always after a replacement had been ordered.

I would guess your generator may not be a true sine wave output. We had a generac that was not and several electronics items would refuse to run when it was online and I had to buy a power conditioner.

Have you tried turning the breaker off and on to the switches in question? I had this happen to one of mine after a power outage and couldn’t even control the switch manually. It came back to life after cycling the power from the breaker. That was 2 years ago and it’s still working.

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I too have had the blinking blue LED of death after a brief power failure with a GE switch.

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