Gauging Interest in some custom drivers I've written

Hi All

I've got (in various state of working) device drivers for the following items:

  1. Mysmartblinds (using the web api -- requires you buy one of their hubs)
  2. Kuna lamps (web API, act as on/off switch -- no notification or alerts)
  3. Airscape Fan Whole House Fan (gen 2 local control over home network) -- treats fan as a level control and adds three temperature sensors as child devices.

I've not published them online (in general) because they need some cleanup but if there is enough interest I'm willing to put the time in to share them...



Did you install this unit, or have it installed? I am looking for a whole house fan. If I had this I would certainly be interested in a driver.

I do not have any interest in any of those per-se... but I will say that when I published my first driver I was very pleased to find people actually found it useful! Plus they had some good suggestions for improvements. Now I have 10 drivers published... and not a single one is something I would call complete. All works in progress and may always be. :grinning:

Plus some people might find it and realize parts of it are "exactly" what they need to get their own driver made for some other device. So it contributes to general knowledge.


Agree.. Why not share?.. I have found the community response to releases pretty amazing.. They are usually very grateful..


Hello @loghound:
Did you mean you have a driver for the Kuna light that I have as a coach light.
Did you mean this:
(I have a slightly different style).

Yes -- that Kuna coach light (really, it works with any of the lights that Kuna makes) -- Again, it has two features

  • It will let you turn on/off phone notifications (I use this to turn them on when we are both away from home)
  • you can turn lights on/off.

@TechMedX. - I had it installed (but they have a lot of installation support and I know a lot of folks do it themselves). I can't recommend heavily enough Airscape -- Great build quality and super quiet! The one problem is they moved away from the lan connected controls (the third gen dropped it -- I guess not enough people run ethernet to their attic) -- Regardless I can't speak highly enough for Airscape.... (but.. you have to ask for the 'gen 2' controls to get the lan connection)

@snell -- I'm hesitating because they were all written on smartthings -- I've ported one completely, have one (sort of working) and haven't started the third port. I'm also sort of shy about sharing my work unless I put some time to 'make me proud' -- Hence the judging interest...

I'll probably end up sharing them soon enough -- just curious if there was any high interest (that would also sort of set a priority for release)


I would definitely be interested in the Kuna one. Love my light and it's great but working it on off with other devices natively on HE would be awesome.


Is there anyway to get the camera side working as well on the Kuna devices?

Definitely interested in this. I have 5 of these around the house and would love to control them via Hubitat.

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If you release these, you might consider putting them into Hubitat Package Manager to make it easier for users to find, install, and update these. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager


See [RELEASE] Kuna Lights Controls :slight_smile:


Any chance you could upload the MySmartBlinds code to github as well? Keen to try that out.

MySmartBlinds are next on my list... Be aware that it only works if you have their hub.

I've also been working on some improved development tools that I want to post... makes code MUCH easier to write (I had an earlier version but the newer version is


Thanks @loghound . Looking forward to checking it out once you post it. I have the hub so all good on that front. Cheers.

@loghound would love to try out the MySmartBlinds one as well!

Anyone with interest to make a LumenCache driver? Protocol is at lumencache dot com slash learn. There's node autodiscovery (hail), set value, select scene, read value, and value change events to cover the basic control of the system. System configuration commands don't need to be through the Hubitat but setting scenes might be handy. I can trade hardware for a full supported interface offer.

Just want to check in to see if there is any update for the mySmartBlinds driver. I would be very interested.


I’m also interested to see if there is an update on the MySmartBlinds driver.

@loghound any word on the mySmartBlinds driver ?

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