Garage venting

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Does anyone have a rule to open their garage door only half or a quarter way to vent the garage? I want to be able to press a button that will open the garage, but stop once it is half way open. I have a z-wave Gocontrol opener and also myq setup on the same door. I bought the myq first then I bought the Gocontrol because I wanted more home automation options, which myq didn't offer at the time of purchase. I can control them both via Hubitat. It seems that neither accept commands when it is in the opening or closing status. I am guessing for safety reasons.

I apologise for the long drawn out post. I have had way too much coffee. Thanks in advance.

It's probably deeper than that. My garage door opener won't allow the garage to be opened halfway. If I press the button while it is opening it doesn't stop. It reverses the direction and continues until closed/opened.

I imagine they implemented it this way because of garage door openers like mine.

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@codahq Thanks for the response. If the door is closed and I press the button on the wall, the door will open. If I wait X seconds and press the button again it will stop exactly where it is. This allows me to partially open the door. If I press the wall button a 3rd time then the door will close. The process is the same for the car remote that came with the unit. I originally assumed that the wall button sent commands via radio, just like the car remote. I did some investigating today and the wall button connects to the opener via two wires. I have an extra Shelly 1 that I am going to try to use as a 12v dry contact switch to simulate the wall button. Does this would like it could work?

I have a few dry contacts that simulate a button press, but not for my garage opener. Basically I soldered the wires to either side of the button and the dry contact connects those as if the button was pressed. Beauty is the button still works too. I have read others in the community have had success of using a dry contact relay with their wall button too. So it’s definitely doable and should work you will just need to figure out timing for the various button presses.

Edit here is an example:

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@ritchierich That's good news. I had issues when I installed a Z-wave Gocontrol garage door opener a few years ago. It seems like Chamberlain blocks the Gocontrol. I ended up rigging a universal remote to the Gocontrol. It's an ugly job that I am not proud of, but it works. ....fingers crossed.

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@ritchierich Thanks for the link!!! he did an incredible job. ...mine is horrible in comparison. I am going to have to redo it now. ..take a look:

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If it works it works. Order a nice little project box to throw it in for protection.

My wall button connects with two wires as well. If yours is like mine you won't be able to simulate it. I think mine is speaking SPI or I2C or something. You'd need an oscilloscope to see the communication if it's not just interrupting the circuit like a doorbell.

My wall button was a no go. I decided to connect the universal remote to the Shelly 1. It works perfectly. I created a quick test that pushes button 1 on the Shelly, waits 5 seconds and pushes button 1 again. The timing is just right. Here is the rough draft:

I put the universal remote back on the Gocontrol GDO, ordered a new remote for the Shelly 1, and I am looking for a small project box to make it nice and clean. ...any suggestions on where to get the project box?

Thanks to all who provided help and inspiration! I love this place!

I just grabbed them off amazon. Look for one that is the right size. It’s not too expensive. I found uses for the extras as well.

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Thanks you.

This is some what different then the Garage Venting you were asking for.
But this is what I've done for my Garage Venting.

Have two bathroom exhaust fans enclosed between the studs, with outside vent covers.
Have the exhaust fans plugged into an inovelli two outlet switch. Set to turn on when the garage get to hot, and back off when the temp get lower. Been working for 8 years now with no issues.


This is probably the right way or the closest to the right way to do this that has been posted.

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Nice! That is definitely the proper way.

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Every time I see this topic pop back up with a new reply I wonder why the garage is angry in the first place.