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I have a automatic garage door opener that I would like to add with status (opened / closed monitoring) Was thinking of using a Shelly 1 with a wired magnetic contact - is this supported out of the box or will I need a custom driver ?

Sorry, unaware of Shelley 1 however I've used Ecolinks Zwave plus tilt sensor for over a year and works great. No wiring needed and connects to Hubitat with no issues. Amazon has it but other sellers may be cheaper.
Z-Wave Plus Gold Plated Reliability Garage Door Tilt Sensor, White (TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO)
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Apologies - I meant to say I will also use the Shelly to operate the volt free contact to the door opener, thanks for the info tho.

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I was never very happy with piecing together my garage door system. I would suggest you just purchase a complete Z-wave Garage Door Opener system. I just installed a GoControl GD00Z-8-GC Garage Door Opener system and its works beautifully.

I see where you are coming from but my opener is only 6 months old and works perfectly and can be triggered by a volt free contact closure - Β£50 for a Fibaro switch or Β£20 for a Shelly makes much more financial sense.

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As long as your Shelly relay has dry contact terminals, it should work. If you're in the US, you may wish to consider the Zen16 relay from Zooz.

Edit - I just looked up the Shelly 1 specs. It has a dry contact relay and should work perfectly to control a garage door opener.

Magnetic switch connected to the input and garage door opener contacts connected to the output?
Sounds like you're talking about monitoring input status independent of output control.
@Evilborg would be the man to ask if that's possible with a Shelly device.

I think its possible but I would ask this in the FB group. I believe this was talked about once before...

Yea done some more reading so will order one.

Thats the plan, if the Hubitat interface driver exposes the input switch terminals monitoring them as a door sensor makes sense.

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Thank you I will take a look.

Hi, I use Shelly 1’s for my garage doors and they work very well. Unfortunately I don’t use the switch connection I use Zigbee contact sensors to detect position.

Just make sure you have a good WiFi signal where your planning on putting the Shelly.

Thanks Jon - I have a Unifi controller with meshed access points so 5 bars house and garden signal wise.