Garage Motion Sensor has quit reporting

My garage motion sensor seems to be stuck in the "open" state. The battery last reported at 80%. Last Activity Date is 6/7.

Some other information i found:

  • MSR: 014A-0004-0003
  • manufacturer: 330
    |Last Update Time |2021-06-29 1:50:25pm EDT|
    |Last Activity At |2022-06-07 6:45:41am EDT|
    |Controller Type |ZWV |
    Its using a generic Z-Wave contact sensor driver.

There is nothing in the logs that i can tell. Just turned on the debug logging.

My real question, is how do i troubleshoot this? if it was a rule, i know how to test different aspects but not the device itself.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

Replace battery, reset, re pair (it will slide back into it's place in the database)

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First thing to do is try replacing the batteries.


Thanks for the suggestion. When you say replace, do you mean just take out the battery and put back in as a reboot? unless the readings are wrong it says its 80% full.

NEVER trust battery level reporting. Replace the battery with a new one and see if it comes back. If not, reset the device (do not remove it from hubitat), then initiate pairing. It will go back to it's previous slot


I was saying

I've seen too many times where the battery reports 70-80% one minute and is dead the next. Most battery devices have a wake up button, you can try pushing it to see if it responds, but most of the time you'll find a dead or dying battery.


thanks guys! heading to the store now. let you know how it works out

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new battery worked. didn't even have to do anything else.


Like I said, NEVER trust battery reporting. Glad all is good now.