Garage lights

Can someone let me know if this will do what I want. If garage light switch is off, any of the doors open or motion is detected turn the lights on. Wait 5 minutes after they are all closed and no motion then turn the lights off

IF (NOT Garage Light Switch(on) is on(F) [FALSE]) THEN
On: Garage Light Switch
Wait for condition: Garage Door 2 Sensor, Garage Door 1 Sensor, Mudroom door. all closed FALSE
Wait for condition: Garage Motion, Workbench Motion all inactive TRUE
Delay 0:05:00
Off: Garage Light Switch

It doesn't look right because the all doors closed lone says false. But that seems like what it writes when I select the options I want.

Thank you for your help

The "FALSE" and "TRUE" in the "Wait for condition" statements are the current values of those conditions, like the "[FALSE]" in the first statement is the current value of that condition.

I combined my garage motion sensors into a motion zone for the trigger using the Motion Lighting app. Here's what I use:

Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.