Garage lights and mudroom door help

I am not really 100% sure if I got this right

so if any of the garage doors or mudroom door opens/closes this rule starts.

What I want to do , is keep the lights on inside the garage if the garage door is kept open., or for 15 min if the mudroom door is opened (and then closed)

if the garage tilt sensors show "open" I want to lights to stay on until every door is closed, if while the garage doors are kept open, I want to mudroom door to not interfear with the lights, and for them to stay on.

I think this rule is working, but its been a bit "wonky" like sometimes the lights will just turn off when I walk into the garage for a min or so.

I'll be honest, I didn't read through your logic very carefully. But if you're having problems I would try to simplify it....

Trigger: ANY *changed*
   Turn lights ON
   Wait for conditions: ALL doors closed
   Wait for elapsed time: 15 minutes
   Turn lights OFF

Does that sound like it would work for you?

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possibly, perhaps I am over thinking it, I am going in and out of the mudroom and that trips it up, perhaps I never thought of the wait for condition..

question is, when I go in and out of the mudroom, does this rule start all over. I guess it would not matter if it was waiting for the ultimate condition of the doors all being closed?

All WAIT actions are canceled when the rule is retriggered, essentially restarting from scratch...

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I like dylan.c's recommendation. The only thing I'd suggest is to make the Trigger ANY opened. The first Wait is already subscribe to ALL contact sensors closed so triggering on the door closing is redundant and you'll get an additional triggering of the rule. If you go with Trigger ANY opened then Wait for expression or Wait for event will work. If you leave it as ANY changed then id suggest Wait for expression to handle the double subscription better.


Thank you guys, wow, I was REALLY overthinking this one. I started even adding veriables to know if things are on and off. sheesh..

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So, the lights still turn off, I have verified that nothing else is set to turn off the lights

this is what I have

BUT? should have I done it this way?

i can keep the garage door open for more then 15 min, but the lights will turn themselves off, even if the door is open

I think this is what I might have missed?

i have not had time to test it yet.

@eaton.blumenstein You don't want to use Delay, you want to use
Wait for event: elapsed time: 0:15:00

What is your trigger?

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my triggers.

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sorry, my confusion here is the terminology that you guys are showing me, does not match exactly to what Rule Machine lets me select? I am not sure how do I set "elapsed time"

of the two shown above, I am not sure what one is the correct one, and also, and I supposed to make a "Timeout" or just a next line that is like this?

I don't have access to RM at the moment, but i think the sequence of selections is wait, wait for event, elapsed time.

these are the only options that I see .

Wait for events...4th in the list

but do i do this, and then set the 15 min like this?, or do i do a delay action after?

When you add the Wait for Events then go to Select capability you'll see the option for Elapsed Time

You could add a 15 minute duration to the Wait for Expression (not timeout) and get the same result in one action as the suggested Wait for Expression and Wait for Event together.

Note that duration defines how long the expression needs to be met or true before moving to the next action. Timeout defines how long for the Wait remains in the false state before moving to the next action.

For example:
Wait for Expression: Tile East contact closed --> duration: 0:15:00
The contact must remained closed for 15 minutes for this action to be met and move to the next action

Wait for Expression: Tile East contact closed --> timeout: 0:15:00
The action will be met and move to the next action when the contact is closed or it's been waiting 15 minutes for the contact to be closed.

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And for this rule, lines 1, 2, and 4 are fine. Just need to replace line three with a wait, not a delay.

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Here is my rule for Garage Lights. It has been working great for a very long time.

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this is so frustrating.. how do I in Rule Machine make "Wait for condition" the only option I have is "Wait for Expression" or "Wait for Events"

I am on the most recent firmware, using the newest Rule Machine.

Likely different names for the same thing... I'm still running 2.3.4 and mine says "Wait for Conditions." Your "Wait for Expression" should be the same.

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