Garage door

Although it is cloud based, the MyQ works fine. I generally want non-cloud based devices, but the MyQ is so cheap right now that even if their service changes or shuts down in a year or two, it is worth it. You will need a tilt sensor to make things report to Hubitat. I used a Smartthings multi sensor, but there are others out there.

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A recent discussion is below. There are several options - including a relay (dc contact switch) plus tilt monitor. They have drivers in Hubitat already, you just need to integrate using rule machine.


Diy fortrezz mimo2+ and tilt sensors

I use the GoControl/Linear GD-004 and it works fine. Not sure why it would mater if they're eol, assuming you can buy it and install it then you're good to go. :smiley:

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Same here. It was a bugger to pair but has been solid ever since.

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I use a single Arduino + 2 relays + 2 magnetic reed switches to control my pair of garage doors using HubDuino.


Same here. It was a bugger to pair but has been solid ever since

That's interesting, it was super simple for me. I just did it a couple of weeks ago moving it from my Home assistant setup over. Exclude, press pair and voila.

Anyways, been rock solid, it's simple. The 4s of beeping is annoying...but when someone closes a door on your from away you do appreciate it.

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I paired this many firmware revisions ago(Feb of last year), so the experience would have improved considerably since then.:wink:

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Trying to setup the child door control for my garage doors on my Arduino with your libraries and groovy codes.
The door status works fine but I have no idea on how to control the relays to open / close the doors.
Thanks in advance for your help.


What problems are you trying to solve? Are you curious about the software? Or the hardware?

Thanks for your prompt response
Software is my problem.

I couldn't figure out how to create a tile in Dashboard to open and close the doors.
I was expecting to see doorControl relays in the list of devices and in going through the process of writing you what I had done, it just hit me that all I had to do was to use the proper template.

It works fine now.
I'm so sorry to have taken some of your time
Have a nice day,


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Glad to hear!

The GoControl GDZ008 would be a good option. I've been using various previous models of this for years in multiple homes without any issues. The GDZ008 is the newest model.

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i have two of these gdz008 they work fine. scratch that.. just noticed the one in nh is only showing close events not open.. what a pain to get a ladder and pull it down and try excluding and re-pairing. it worked fine initially.

if it continues i will scrap it and just put up a relay like the other door.

power cycling luckily fixed it so i didnt have to exclude or include.. i added an external contact sensor and wrote the following rule to warn me next time it happens

How's your mesh in the garage? I had similar issues with older models until I beefed the mesh up in the garage. Garages typically have more material in the walls for insulation and fire breaks. Thicker drywall or double layer is also pretty common.

The mesh is find there are 5 other zwave devices and an extender in the kitchen in other side of wall.

Also if it was a mesh issue why did the open and close relay events work fi!ne and also it consistently showed the close contact event just not the open.

If you add a refresh rule does it show the change? I've had this in place for a long time so I don't know if this is what is keeping mine working reliably or not. I suspect there is probably an issue with the driver but this has kept it working for me.

without a secondary sensor how would you even add a refresh rule, it wouldnt work when you manually open the door..

anyway ya, when i manually refreshed it , the state immediately changed to open.