Garage door-Zooz17/ecoLink Tilt Sensor- getting a tesla

Im getting a tesla and want to know if I can control the garage door from the tesla screen?

-or, can I automate opening based on tesla location( arriving home and pulling into driveway automatically opens door)?
For now, I have a pico remote that can open and close the door.
Notes: I don't need to worry about closing the door cause I have it set to auto close after 25 minutes
current set up: Zooz 17 relay connected to opener, ecolink tilt sensor attached to top of door
App: Zooz Garage Door opener

There's an excellent Hubitat integration I use in conjuntion with You could easily write routines to automate your garage when you come/go. The Hubitat app is here... Control and Query your Tesla vehicles (via Tessie) (Tesla Connect Replacement )

There's no better combination around in my opinion.

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I’ll second @Prometheus_Xex’s comment.

Note also that if you have a Chamberlain opener and don’t mind giving them more of your hard earned money, you can purchase a subscription that will allow you to open/close all the doors on your account. The vehicle will also open and close the door automatically for you.

That’s what I ended-up doing since I have my parent’s garage doors also linked to my account, so it makes it easy for me to open (or close) their garage doors when I visit.

BWT - I hope you got someone’s referral code before ordering the Tesla - it gives you (and the person who gives out the code) some nice freebies. Latest I think was a few months of full self driving.

If you didn’t order yet and don’t have a referral code, I’ll be happy to give you mine! :blush: Going on an extended trip soon and can’t subscribe to full self driving from Canada… :frowning:

I ordered but havent picked up yet

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I think you need the code at order time… But not 100% sure…

Feel free to try it though -

I’ve been super happy with my Tesla. Got the Model 3 a bit under a year ago. I had a Nissan Leaf before and one of the things I really love is how precise Tesla is with the forecasted % battery remaining at your destination. You don’t need to worry that you’ll run out of battery, where with the Leaf, I had some close calls…. Also, the Tesla charging network is second to none!