Garage door sensor besides samsung multi?

Hey all, I'm a total newb to Hubitat (switched from SmartThings). I'm trying to learn as much as I can and just figured out why my myq app wasn't working. The myq sensors aren't recognized by Hubitat. So, was going to run to Best Buy and get 2 Samsung multi's, but, THEY'RE ALL SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!! Are there any other sensors for the garage doors that will work as good/better than the Samsung??? Thank you!!

Can't compare with Samsung, since I've never had that model, but the Ecolink sensors have worked well for me:

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will check it out. Thanks!!

All considerations aside for Xiaomi devices, the Aqara Vibration sensor works too. I actually like it better than the SmartThings Multi-sensor (which I also own). There is a community driver for the Aqara Vibration sensor. I have not had any issues with it disconnecting, unlike some other directly joined Xiaomi devices.

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I also recommend the Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor.

Works well and great battery life.

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As far as I know, this is the way to go. Just put any open close contact sensor on a hinge like this.

And when the door opens it looks like this
Simple open close and no xyz.



I would like to take credit for the incredible design, but I saw it on YouTube.


I switched from homeseer door sensors roughly 4 months ago and went with ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO sensors and used their dry contact input and connected them to a Honeywell Ademco 958 overhead door contacts and they have been rock solid the whole time. More expensive but they work awesome. And if you wanted to you could mount to overhead door contacts to the floor and they can be driven over and still survive.

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any sensor with an external contact and a tilt fitting would work

This is actually how I have mine set up, just using an older contact sensor. I actually like it for the fact I can bend the tilt switch to adjust the sensitivity and not be fixed to what's inside a box

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thanks everyone, I have a lot of choices that I didn't know about. Appreciate it!!!

I've used the Ecolink tilt sensor with ST and now HE for a few years. It's been one of the most reliable devices in my house haha.

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ok, after doing a lot of research today, I worked something out, and I'll hope some of you will give input. All of my devices are connected through Hubitat, except for a couple of wifi switches that I connected straight to apple homelink. I also have HOOBS to get Hubitat to homelink. I tried connecting my myq garage door openers to HOOBS and then to homelink. It worked (so far) with the chamberlain motion sensors. I can open and close both doors and homelink even gives me an alert when the garages open and close. connecting the doors to Hubitat and using one of the methods described by you guys, wouldn't do anything better or different than this, correct? it says open/closed, and gives alerts. I'm thinking there's no reason to change what's working if it continues to work.

It ain't broken right? :wink:

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that's what I am thinking. I just want to make sure I wasn't missing any features this way, but what the heck else can a garage door do? lol

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I have many Xiaomi sensor connected to an Aqara hub that supports HomeKit. I have an Apple TV 4 that handles the HomeKit automations. I have Homebridge running on an old MacBook Pro.

I expose virtual switches from HE to HomeKit via Homebridge and the Homebridge Plug-In for MakerAPI. Then I map them with HomeKit automations to the Xiaomi sensors. Is it a lot of parts? Yes. Could it break? Of course. But it just keeps working year after year. Rock solid. Why in the world would I think of changing it? :grin:

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hey, hey, hey. I'm new to all this. Stop giving me ideas of more things to do. I'll just get more confused, then more addicted to making it work!!!! lol.

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Most of the time people say they don't have anything Apple or iOS. So sorry for them because it's a good setup to have in addition to HE. You have just figured out in a short time what most never figure out.

More options are not a bad thing. Multiple hubs and bridges give you more choices and don't force you into a corner.

Yes it can get complicated, so you do have to keep that in check, because troubleshooting a complicated setup is no fun at all, but the HomeKit setup is pretty darn simple.

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That would seem to be a large possible latency, what kind of response times you see on your switches?

It’s only sensors. I couldn’t really tell you exactly how fast (mainly because I don’t bother with timing to the ms), but it’s instant as far as I can visibly tell by watching the virtual switches flip.

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