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Appreciate all the advice. Will prob give this a test within the next 24 hrs. I’ve done some small electrical work in the house, but never tested two contacts like this.

Is this a situation where I should flip the breaker and connect them and then turn the breaker back on? Or is it safe to just touch the two contacts with the jump wire?

To do the test, you can safely touch the two contacts with a jumper wire. This will confirm if your garage can just open with a relay.

When installing the final product though, if you're not comfortable with high voltage, then cut the power to the garage and install it. Alternatively just unplug the garage motor

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So I got all the parts and got antsy so I went for it (didn't do the jumper test, but tell me if I should go back and start there).

Below are pictures of the install and the drivers/apps I added tonight. When I go into "Garage Door" (source is "user"), and I click "open", I hear clicks but the garage door doesn't open.

PLEASE HELP :confused:

How do you have it connected?

From the manual, it looks like it has an external power source.

All you'll need to do is go from R1 to the two contacts on the garage. SW1 is if you want to connect a switch to control the relay

so assuming you have an existing button to open the garage door, connect:
R1 to the garage motor
SW1 to the existing button

Alternatively you can leave the existing connections plugged in and connect R1 to the motor

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do you mean leave the two white wires attached to the #1 and #2 connectors as they were before I started, and just add the red and black wires also to #1 and #2 and then to R1?

I have a button next to the door. And I want to control the garage with HE, doesn't that mean I need a "switch"?

Isn't this what I did? Or did I do it backwards - Motor to SW1 and button to R1?

from your picture, you have the white wires on R1 and the red/black on SW1. the red and black are going into the garage motor...this is wrong


This is how you should be wiring it up.

Whether you put the wires as shown in the picture of put the wires in parallel on the motor, either way should still have the button work on the wall and the relay control it (via HE)

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except... I had noticed that recently I wasn't getting my "Garage Door Sensor" Notifications like I was a few weeks back. I started looking into it then but lost track. Kept thinking it was an issue with my notification set up and was dismayed to realize, unlike Rule Machine, there are no logs for notifications.... However! tonight while opening and closing my door many times testing my new Relay (THANK YOU), I realized that my Aqara contact sensor was no longer appropriately assessing the open state. Is there a "best" way to re-configure it/reset it/troubleshoot it?

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see if you can't connect an external connection to it and add a tilt sensor. that's what i did and i can tell when my door is closed or open (even partially open). if not, i'd recommend the gocontrol WADWAZ-1. it's z-wave and not z-wave plus though

I have a brand new Aquara Window/Door contact sensor - worked perfectly for weeks. Once the door opened 1-2 inches, immediately it would say "Open" and I'd get a notification. It has 100% battery, but is no longer registering as "open" anymore...

May have fallen off the network. Try going to Zigbee pairing, and re-pair the device. If it finds it again, then you need to find a way to keep it on the network.

Aqara are very picky about staying on the network in general.

does it trigger at all? if not, maybe exclude it and add it back

Does this mean I need to remove it to re-pair it? Will it know it was previously on the network?

No, no response now whatsoever, how do I exclude and add back?

Don't need to remove, just hit pair on the hub, and do the button sequence on the device to pair it again.

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This did the trick! Hopefully this isn't something I'll need to repeat this on a regular basis... The sensor is maybe 30 feet from my actual HE hub...

Aqara need a really good repeater. There are specific ones that work, and other repeaters that will not repeat for Aqara at all.

doesn't the sensor connect to the aqara hub, and that's what connects to HE? I would still say get a proper zwave contact sensor. it strengthens your zwave mesh and removes the need to rely on intermediary hubs

As @neonturbo wrote, the Xiaomi Aqara and Mijia sensors a finicky. They are a proprietary Zigbee and they don’t like a weak Zigbee mesh one bit. There’s tons of info on the forum about them. You’ll find a lot with a search.

Some quick tips:

Add IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets. They are compatible repeaters

Keep other non-compatible mains powered (repeating) Zigbee devices off your network

Keep all Zigbee lightbulbs (except for Sengled) off your hub. Only connected via a Hue bridge or another hub is going to be compatible with Xiaomi Zigbee devices

Try @markusnew drivers

I don’t have an Aqara hub

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