Garage door opener - myQ Smart Garage Door Opener

After installing automation locks on all of our exterior doors, I was thinking what the next project I should do that will be useful and it to automation my garage door.

I been doing searching and researching on this for the past 2 days on about this. I am quite disappoint to learn I own one of those "secured" garage door opener Craftman "yellow" learn button which mean I cannot just hook a relay switch or use any of the zwave opener since it will only work when wired to it's own "secured" door button on the wall.

In other word, who own newer garage door opener are screwed if it myQ enabled and pretty much all of the major garage door opener manufacturer is using myQ for Homekit, Google, or Alexa integration. I think that is why there is not much smart garage door opener on the market today because myQ pretty much have cornered the smart garage door market. You can read more about it at

From what i figured, I have two choices but there may be third one however I don't know if it can be integrated into HE yet.

First choice - Get a myQ Internet gateway (it's not the same as myQ Smart Garage so don't confuse the two) and use custom driver along with a zwave or zigbee tilt sensor. The searches shows this method sometime is spotty for other who have tried this method. Not supported by Homekit, Google etc ...

Second choice - Built a zwave or zigbee relay switch and sacrifice a garage remote control for the relay switch to operate along with a zwave / zigbee tilt sensor. @gavincampbell already did this with his garage door, you can read about it at DIY Garage Door Control Solution. I still want to be able to include it to my Homekit so I am not sure if it can be set up on Hubitat to work on Homekit as well. This is something I would most likely do.

Third possible choice - Wait until someone develop a custom driver for the latest myQ smart garage hub - which support Homekit, Google etc but my search come up empty but I read on Smartthing that it came be access using IFTTT however i just started with Hubitat so I haven't learn much about IFTTT yet. If you buy this from Amazon with Amazon key and a prime member, you will get 30 dollar in credit if your first package stored in garage using Amazon key so this would only cost you 5 dollar to buy, unfortunately, Amazon key is not available in my area :confused:

I really like third choice it if someone here already have one up and running with myQ Smart Garage and would share it with all of us how it done.

I am going to go ahead and do relay/remote control project because I like tinkering but I would need some help on setting up driver and rules for Zoo Muiltrelay and tilt sensor to work together hopefully that we can get it to work with Homekit API bridge. I do have the bridge working great with all my door locks. Adding garage door opener to it will make my wife very happy!

Any help or feedback will be greatly welcome here!!

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** Edit to expand on my answers **

Its not that bad. One remote can be used to control multiple doors. If you mess it up you can always buy another remote. The nice part too is you can actually store the whole setup indoors and don't have to keep it in the garage. You should also be able to wire it up to the wall switch if you want to do that, but you would need to find the two contact points on the board to solder too as well to simulate the button push.

I control my garage doors via Apple HomeKit. You will need to setup HomeBridge. You can then creat a virtual switch that will show up in HomeKit. Works great.

Probably won't happen. I think they did release a device that connects MyQ to homekit but probably won't be able to put it into HE. I just have a bad taste for the whole MyQ ecosystem due to the unreliability and lock down of it over the past year. After switching to the multirelay its been a really good experience.

I ended up writing my own app to handle it all but you should be fine with using Rule Machine rules to do all the automation. It shouldn't be too hard


I was in the same position as you. I went with your second option. I sacrificed a remote and wired it to a MIMOlite. I also have HomeBridge setup with MakerAPI and I’m able to control the garage door with HomeKit. After 3 months of being installed, so far so good.


@gavincampbell and @hwarf

Thank you you both .... I am going to built this project using a remote control. You are right that it put us in control and not dependence on cloud service.

gavincampbell - I have the Zooz MultiRelay ZEN16 ordered and it arriving in a couple of days
Curious, did the Hubitat automatically detected the Zooz MultiRelay ZEN16 and offer three separate switches?

I may use other two switches for different project and one is to tied it to a doorbell transmitter which is link to my led flashers when doorbell is pressed. I replaced the doorbell with a camera doorbell but I still would like to use the old doorbell transmitter that operate and flashes our led receivers in the house.

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I can’t remember if hubitat automatically discovered it, but there is a driver for it that you can load if it doesn’t. I write my own drivers so that’s why I can’t remember.

And yes. You will get 3 different switches. It’s a really good devices.

Edit: didn’t see that the answer was already posted. There you go.

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There is another option.

GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener/Controller with a CAS-UNIVERSAL Universal Security+ 2.0™ Interface Module ( Been working on my two garage doors for the last 7 months.


Tell us more about that interface module! I am interested.

Does it programmed to the garage opener and emulate a remote control or something like this?

Is it something we could connect to a zwave relay switch like the Zooz multi relay switch to operate it?

It has a set of input wires and output wires. The input wires work very much like older contact switch relays. Which could also be used with a basic ZWave relay switch. The output wires emulate the Security+2.0 protocol for newer garage door openers, like the myQ enabled version you have.

I also have a Liftmaster myQ enabled opener. The GoControl/Linear was not compatible with Security+2.0, so I have the output of the GoControl going to the input of this interface module and the output of the interface module directly wired to the terminals (same as wall mounted button controller) on the garage door opened.

Works great.

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Awesome! That will make this project much easier for me to do!

Do you connect the output fusing it together with the wall mounted button wiring? How is the unit powered? By the garage door opener terminals?

Thank you for sharing this!

As stated above...

The terminals on the garage door opener itself. So assume any power it needs, it gets from the garage door opener, same a wall mount button device.


The module came in today and I hooked it up to my garage door opener. I tested it by touching the two wires together and it worked opening the door! '

Next, I need to hook it up to my zooz multi-relay switch and add a tilt sensor then I am set... No monthly fee or cloud! Yay!!! So easy ...

Thanks for for suggesting the fourth option which I think is the best one yet for me.