Garage door opener logic - Echo Speak

Morning all - total noob here, but I'm getting there :slight_smile:

Trying to get some logic working with Echo speak to control my (wifi) garage door.

Opens fine with presence (Life360 connector), but what I'm trying to build is logic (in Echo Speak actions) when both my wife and I come home at the same time - trying to avoid the logic firing twice for both my rule, and my wifes on presence effectively opening and closing the door at the same time.

Tried an exception where it first checks for the other's presence before firing the rule, but that seems to stop it running altogether as we are arriving at the same time. I still need it to work when one or the other is home, and someone arrives home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


this is a tough one, but i do have some logic with my garage door that may be helpful.

for my garage door, i use a virtual switch. then if i turn the virtual switch on (door open) or closed (door closed), it would act accordingly. I also have a tilt sensor and another rule to sync the virtual switch to the state of the door. the rule i use looks like
(this is for the open, just flip the state for the closed). this way even if i say open the garage a million times, it won't trigger if the door is already open

using this logic, you could have it for when you or your wife arrive home, turn the virtual switch on. this should only trigger the door once for the first person, and not impact anything for the second

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Thanks @dadarkgtprince - think that might work. I've added a virtual switch that I only turn on when I arrive home, turning off after 15 secs. The rule to open the garage when my wife arrives delays 3 seconds and will only run if the virtual switch is off. Will try it out tomorrow - thanks for the advice!

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Word to the wise - getting your automations to work may have unplanned consequences if not thought through properly :slight_smile: Managed to get working perfectly. Then my wife left to take the dog for a walk and came home to an open garage door...everyting worked as planned - except I hadn't thought through her leaving without the car. Ooops....

that's when we get to have more fun and make it so things happen how we want, lol.

glad you were able to get the rule to work for you. if the cars are the key thing to trigger, maybe investing in some presence sensors, and sticking them in the cars would suffice.

for me personally, the wife and I have android auto in our cars, so i just shared the virtual switch to our google home and we can voice command it when we're close. something about automating entry ways doesn't sit well with me, so i prefer we still have some manual intervention with it

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