Garage Door opener issue totally not automation related

My garage door started acting up by not closing when I was using a remote. Went googling, and found out some led lightbulbs can interfere with the garage door remote radio receiver. I had just replaced the CFL in the opener with a led... Put in a different brand of led, and now I am back to normal...


heh ... I think I should check mine. My range sucks. That's why I automated it. Good to know this.

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I just got a new Genie opener and they strongly suggested their bulbs($$) due to possible interference. I looked on line and found a list of "acceptable" bulbs from Chamberlain (I think). EcoSmart (Home Depot Brand) was on the list, I put two in and have not had an issue.


I had that issue a few years ago at my last house. The garage door kept causing the incandescent lights I had to blow due to the vibration. This was when you could still buy incandescent lights. I had started switching everything to LED and decided the LED might handle the vibration better.

Right after I started noticing that I couldn't close the door in the morning with the remote when I left for work. I would have to pull back almost right up to the door to get it to close. Yet in the afternoons when I came home it would open first time from half way down the block.

It took me while, and almost considering replacing my garage door opener before I realized what was going on. I finally realized that the remote only stopped working when the light was on. Which came on when I opened the door in the morning to pull out and was off in afternoon when I got home. That's when I found they make LEDs better shielded for garage doors. That was about to drive me crazy.


I just encountered this led light interference. I replaced three Sengled smart leds that had never caused a garage remote problem with Hue lights. My car opener range went from 150 - 200 ft to about 10. Googling suggests this can be resolved with some ferrite cores on the wiring. A whole new rabbit hole to head down. Hopefully an easy fix because I really like the Hue lights.

Update: Ferrite beads/cores solved this for me. First, no question that the Hue bulbs created the issue. They replaced Sengleds in fixtures on the outside of my garage that have worked for a couple of years without opener issues. Turn the Hues on, remote opener doesn't work further than about 10' from the door. Turn them off (still powered but not illuminated) opener is good to 150'. I snagged some inexpensive ferrite bead/cores from Amazon. On the garage opener head unit I placed four ferrite beads, one on the power cord, one each on the two control cables and I looped the antenna wire through one. I didn't get too rigorous with the testing but both doors operate to about 100' vs 10'.