Garage Door opener issue totally not automation related

My garage door started acting up by not closing when I was using a remote. Went googling, and found out some led lightbulbs can interfere with the garage door remote radio receiver. I had just replaced the CFL in the opener with a led... Put in a different brand of led, and now I am back to normal...


heh ... I think I should check mine. My range sucks. That's why I automated it. Good to know this.

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I just got a new Genie opener and they strongly suggested their bulbs($$) due to possible interference. I looked on line and found a list of "acceptable" bulbs from Chamberlain (I think). EcoSmart (Home Depot Brand) was on the list, I put two in and have not had an issue.


I had that issue a few years ago at my last house. The garage door kept causing the incandescent lights I had to blow due to the vibration. This was when you could still buy incandescent lights. I had started switching everything to LED and decided the LED might handle the vibration better.

Right after I started noticing that I couldn't close the door in the morning with the remote when I left for work. I would have to pull back almost right up to the door to get it to close. Yet in the afternoons when I came home it would open first time from half way down the block.

It took me while, and almost considering replacing my garage door opener before I realized what was going on. I finally realized that the remote only stopped working when the light was on. Which came on when I opened the door in the morning to pull out and was off in afternoon when I got home. That's when I found they make LEDs better shielded for garage doors. That was about to drive me crazy.

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