Garage door monitor

I can certainly see why you liked the old system.
75yard range is amazing and provided plenty of time for the door to close.

I’m not sure any Z wave system will work reliably. IIRC z wave range is 100 feet. That doesn’t leave much time for the door to close before you’re out of range. Maybe start by testing range using any convenient device you have on hand. Comparing that to the time to close the door should scope out of itis possible.

If it turns out the range isn’t an issue you could try a zooz zen 16 with your buzzer on the 12v relay then use rule machine to turn on the buzzer when the door opens and off when it closes.

Please post back if it works. I might put something similar in place. Today I rely on CarPlay (the garage door is in HomeKit via homebridge). CarPlay displays a tile for the garage door when I’m within 0.25 mile of home. It shows open/close/opening/closing status. I glance at it to make sure it reads closed or closing when I’m down the block.

How about the ZEN17 instead of the ZEN16 due to its increased range? The manual says 200 feet. I can put a z-wave repeater in the garage to get a line-of-sight view when the door is open, but I wonder how far the signal can go when there is a steel garage door between the repeater and the ZEN17 under the car's dash?

To close this out...

I asked Zooz support if the ZEN17 would do what I want. Here's their reply...

...would not recommend the ZEN17 here. With the unit receiving power from the vehicle, it will only work if the car is running, which will create many reports regarding the "offline" device in the hub. Additionally, the car may block the Z-Wave signal entirely or severely impact the range, as metal is one of the most effective Z-Wave signal disruptors.

You noted the "warm-up" time; this is hub dependent, though each time it will be similar to registering a new device (loading data, sending and receiving commands, etc.) The device would be marked offline each time the car is powered down or out of range of the hub, and putting it back online may take up to several minutes.

Instead, our technicians recommend geofencing. This would not require you to do anything on your side; once the phone is around (the distance can be specified) a specific scene may be activated.

I was kinda surprised that it could take several minutes for the ZEN17 to come online after the car is started. Also, I'm not sure they completely understood what I'm trying to do and/or my requirements.

I may try the Shelly 1 Relay.

Yeah, dead device battery aside....I'm trying to think if the tilt sensor "door open / door closed" notification ever doesn't get to my phone before I'm 50 yards away.

One way to look at "requiring the phone" is that when you get 50 yards away and realize you didn't hear the notification....


I see dual benefit here.

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