Gang of relays for simple on/off light control

I'm looking for a gang of relays (4-5) to control some lights. I envision something with a single z-wave controller, and five relays, in one box. I have two small closets, a short hallway and a bathroom, and I'm just looking to be able to run on/off individually or all at once for cleaning, or leaving the house.

Priority is that I don't have to do any code, and it's supported in Hubitat.

(I may be in the minority here: I don't mind hardware, wiring, soldering... but I'm not a coder)


Sorry, forgot THIS... anyone tried it?

Lots of people on here use Zooz, they work pretty well in general. Great support from Agnes.

Are you going to use switches too? What about existing wall switches in other words?

That relay would probably work, but individual wall switches if you already have them, would be much easier to replace and wire.

I would personally use the Zooz Zwave wall switches of whatever type you like (paddle, dimmer, toggle, or on/off) I really prefer dimmers for my lights, you won't know what you did without them.

Yeah I have a bunch of Jasco dimmers. I have those in the kitchen living dining.

My closets, hall and bathroom are not glamorous... no need for dimming/fading. And they're clustered together, so moving wires is easy.
So wanted to see if there was a cost-effective solution to control about 5 circuits.

I've replaced multiple dumb switches with the Jasco dimmers, I agree, the amount of work to do it that way is minimal.

Anyone use this Sonoff gang relay?

I have used both of these relays you posted.
I love the Zooz Zen16. You would have to have two of them.
(3 relays each)
The Sonoff is WiFi, not supported directly by Hubatat,
unless you flash it,
that flash is well suppported on this forum.
Sonoff has the advantage that it runs off of mains power, as is assumed, your lights.
Zen16 power can easily be done.

In my opinion, I would go with the Zen16.
Or 2.
Or 3.

I think you are forgetting that even if your bath "is not glamorous" you have to stay within code, so all this probably needs to go into an electrical box of the correct size, and you are supposed to have physical switches in each room too. There is a fair amount of wire and supplies needed to make this all work with a centrally located relay(s). I doubt it will be tons cheaper or easier in the end when you can get a Zooz switch OR dimmer for $25 each at

Don't overlook dimmers as you can then have night lights as a function of the same fixture as your bright everyday lights. You get two for one there. It is so nice to have the hall and bath lights come on at about 10% brightness in the middle of the night.

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Thank you all for the input!!!

Numerous good points.
So I'll have to flash my Sonoff 4ch pro..... haven't done it before but I realize that this is a THING. Lot's of instruction on how to do it. It'll be used for one thing or another.

Thanks to all you coders out there!!! Open source is the way of the future, but only with community coders!