FYI - Hub had problem with DST

Went to bed at 1:58am and all was working. This morning the hub became very sluggish to respond to dashboards. Most devices would not respond to commands. Automations sluggish if they worked at all. Took several minutes for the rooms page to appear. Several more minutes for settings page to appear. Clicked reboot hub.

Rebooted and everything started working. All is well now. Maybe next DST I will shutdown hub before DST and restart after DST.

This has never happened before. On 2.2.9 146.

My C7 seemed to handle it fine. But I wasn't watching it at 2am. I went to bed and midnight and checked it when I got up around 6AM. If it slowed down during the 2am I couldn't tell and it was running normally at 6am without needing a reboot.

One thing that did surprise me a little bit was nothing in the log files to indicate the DST change. Seems like that should be logged.

From the hub core standpoint nothing changed, it always runs on UTC and then gets interpreted based on local settings. Where you should see the effect is with the scheduled jobs.

I am relating my experience after DST. This has never happened to me before. It reminded me of my time with SmartThings. Things slowed or stopped and you checked the SmartThings status page to see if North America, the world or universe was down:).

All is working now.

I completely understand that. But the logs display entries in local time.

Since the logs are timestamped in chronological order, anything that alters the displayed time should be reflected as a log entry for auditing purposes. When the log shows events happening at a certain time and then shows subsequent events happening at earlier times, the log should have an entry to reflect why (and when). This is more noticeable when time moves backward but is also true for time moving forward to explain large gaps of no activity.