FS: Four 6x10 Keen Vents

After 6+ months of replacing batteries every 3-4 weeks on my Keen vents, I am officially out of the smart vent business.

The last set of batteries lasted <2 weeks on all 4 of my vents, so I ripped them out last night. And before someone asks - the batteries were fresh, and I checked the voltage on all of them before installing - bad batteries isn't the issue I was having.

If anyone wants to buy four 6"x10" Keen Vents as-is with no guarantee that the batteries will last >2 weeks, PM me. $50/ea including shipping. US only.

I also have 8x10 trim plates for them, if interested.

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I've been fighting this for months. Keen support is worthless, and says they won't help at all since I'm not using their hub.