Frustrated - Button Device Useless cause if I make one mistake i have to destroy all rules

So I like the interface for the "Button Device" when it comes to my Pico remotes. It puts everything in one place and it's easy to see.

However if I make one mistake, no amount of deleting Button Actions can correct it. This has happened to me before apparently using the back button, where I'm unable to add actions to button actions.

This time, I apparently messed up the logic for a "repeat action" setup (which I havent used yet) and now I get this error.

It just sucks because all the rules I created for the other buttons, I now have to re-create after I destroy the "button device". So really, at this point I'd rather just use individual rules and good name-spacing. Definitely a put-off as a new user.

If you're able to replicate the problem (i.e., provide a list of steps that get you to this place--excluding things like using the "Back" button that are already on the no-no list), then staff would likely be able to identify and fix the problem. In the past, when I've seen people mention issues like this, usually they can't remember how they got there, so the issue is difficult for staff to track down.

Also, I see you're using Rule Machine with a "Button Device" trigger. If you're using hub firmware 2.2.0 (just released; or if you happen to be using something predating its removal), then you also have access to the "Button Controller" app. It was briefly retired because Rule 4.0 with a "Button Device" trigger can do everything it can and more (access to RM-specific features like variables) but was reintroduced as part of an effort to encourage people to find the simplest solution to their problem. For this type of automation, Button Controller might be it, and it's a lighter-weight app with less that could go wrong compared to Rule Machine. I know it doesn't help your existing problem, but it's possible that, being less complex, it could be less likely to land you here in the first place. (Ideally, of course, neither would.)

Just mentioning this as something to consider if you haven't already! Sorry to hear of your issues, and the bad news is that there's usually not an easy way out of those errors (aside from some things you can do to prevent them in the first place, some of which you already know).

I think it happened because I added an "End If" at the wrong place:

If xyz condition THEN
    Do some stuff
    REPEAT n Times
       Do some more stuff
       END IF  (oops!)

Error message was something like "Malformed Repeat"