From Iris to...?


I was hoping for just alarms via text or the app or the like, just some way to be notified of Urgent events and emergencies when the internet connection is down.

I can obtain those real world values on an ESP8266, but I'm hoping for a solution through the hub itself.

Your best bet would be a router with a cellular backup. AFAIK, there is no smarthome solution out there that will be able to send notifications without some sort of connection to the outside world. Cradlepoint makes a few models that are moderately priced and function well. I've also seen people take a DIY approach and hookup an old cellphone to a router running something like OpenTomato/DD-WRT with custom code as a backup.

HE has a custom driver for receiving inputs from Arduino/ESP8266/Sonoff/Tasmota based solutions. I have a TON of them around my house and use them for all sorts of things (mostly monitoring/controlling my reef aquariums). So, you should be fine there.


I have two of the Iris fobs as well for guests, they work really well. I use life360 on phones for my wife and I (which also works well), but the Iris fobs solved my Guest presence problem.

Most of the rest of what your are asking for seems to be built around building automations to do different things based on various triggers. There's several purpose-built apps to handles different things (motion lighting, mode lighting, simple lighting, etc), but there's also Rule Machine where you are essentially limited by your own knowledge and/or desires. Pretty much any logic flow you can think of can be implemented, and you can use that to run just about any action your system is capable of handling.

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Also you can incorporate a Raspberry PI "server" (or some other computer/vm) to handle various things like a VPN and some 3rd party HE connectivity services..


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Pi-hole FTW. :slight_smile:

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The Hubitat Elevation hub can communicate to devices via Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LAN. In order to bridge from the real world of Digital/Analog Inputs and Outputs, you'll need a device that uses one of the three communications protocols I have listed above.

If you decided to roll your own devices, you can utilize my HubDuino software to run a sketch on an Arduino, ESP8266, or ESP32 which will handle most of the work for you (i.e. minimizes custom code writing.)

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^^^ Which I make HEAVY use of.

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First off, welcome. If you haven't already been over to the Living With(out) Iris forum I suggest you pay a visit there as well. There's a lot of great discussions taking place over the various options that folks are considering.

The Iris 4-button fobs will work. Why anyone uses that garbage is beyond me. I broke two just changing batteries. But they are supported here. You can also use the buttonless SmartThings arrival sensors for presence. Those work well here too.

This might be possible. What exact devices are you using, or planning to use.

Not an issue. The Z-Wave ZCOMBOs are supported. As are Halos and some others that were approved for the "Works with Iris" program.

I recommend the NYCE tilt sensors. I've had 2 in an unheated garage for nearly 3 years. Still on the original batteries.

I'm not aware of any HA system that offers this, outside of Iris. That said, many options exist. I have a system similar to this in my RV.

Here's a great solution... It's not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes and provides roughly 12 hours of runtime.

There are definately some options here. It helps to know the specific devices you are considering. Check out the HubDunio project if you want to control relays.

That's not an issue either. Which ones are you using? The older Iris 1st gen devices will not work with Hubitat (or any other system for that matter).

The ability to run custom written apps and drivers, a maker API, a rules engine capable of making web calls, etc. Those are just a few of the options available to you. Hubitat is definately well-suited for the tinkerer crowd, yet works pretty well with a range of devices out of the box. This will help you get up and running quickly yet allow you to explore the more involved DIY opportunities at a later time.

Welcome to the forum!


I was just trying to add my Iris fobs and while they were discovered they never initialized. I was told that they will not work with HE. How did you make them work?

Gen2 Iris 4-button fobs work.

Gen1 Iris fobs will not.


Thanks! Pictures help, LOL. I'm learning, albeit very slowly. I'm trying to sort things on my own but it is taking too much time. I do not know enough about all of this. I am eager to learn because the knowledge applies to other areas of my life but I must get this system working at a basic level to suit my needs then I can dabble in customizing and learning tech

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Such a shame the Iris users are being put into such a migration time crunch. I don’t think they are giving them enough time for a smooth migration to any other system at all.


And to make matters worse for the Iris users who have chosen the SmartThings ADT solution, it appears that product is disappearing from store shelves and online storefronts. ADT just bought Lifeshield...

Talk about "out of the fire, into the frying pan!"


Seriously! My wife wanted me to look at "upgrading" our ST setup to the ST/ADT setup and I saw that fiasco coming a mile away when they started dropping their prices rapidly.

Soooo glad I finally came over to HE.


Again, lots of good info in these forums. As another wandering Iris user with a few skills, too little time, and WAF to meet, I'm trying to find a solution that I can afford to bring on-line while waiting on the refund card.

HE is checking a lot of boxes for me today.

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I can only relate my experience setting up my fairly simple HA/security system. It has taken me some time to learn my way around HE but the experience has value to me. I am learning how to think about these type of systems and the tech involved and feel that it will apply laterally to other parts of my life. While it does take time it gets faster and easier as you go and is a satisfying experience. My security, Alexa integration, lighting and heating is up and running. I need to add some more sensors and want to add my Wyze cameras as triggers but am in a good place as far as being almost ready to shut down Iris. Now if I could just get these darned Schlage locks online....

What model Schlage locks ?

They are Schlage model FE599. I have three.

Those are some of the easiest locks to connect. What sort of issues are you having?