From a installers prospective continued

Since the thread was closed before I had a chance to reply!. I was actually waiting to give smarthings the same amount of time to fail that hubitat had. so here are my replies to the posts made after mine.


OK so educate me. Let me know the next steps and let me know where I went wrong and I will retract everything that was said.

Just a note how long did it take you to build up your devices on ST I would be very surprised if you bought everything in one week and installed it all in a few hours. This is what most people forget when moving platforms, that they may have added a few devices at a time so the mesh was grown correctly, then left to settle down for weeks if not months before adding another device (not that you realize that your doing that at the time).
I don't know how big you system is but im guessing its not small, building a stable and strong mesh is of massive importance to any system. It is also almost always the issue with issues like you reported.

Some people have reported that they don't believe that HE radio is as strong as other platforms. Personally i have never had a issue because almost all my devices are powered (a few temp buttons) as i hate the idea of changing batteries. But if this is to be believed and it has nothing to do with the mesh settling down; there are alot of people on this community that say that adding a few repeaters here and there will make your system not only work but be more stable than on any other of their platforms.

I'm also a installer and although I havent sold HE yet, I would never sell ST to my customers. Not after the constant cloud issues I had, where as they are all interested in my story of HE and where its going.
I'm am sure that one day very soon I would be happy to push every man and his dog down the HE route it's just not quite there yet in easy to use UI for the type of people that want to pay someone to set it up.

--- my comment

I have gave smarthings and hubitat the same amount of time . As of today I believe it is 6 days and have installed all my devices the same way. Zigbee plugs first and then bulbs and other sensors (battery powered besides plugs.) I haven't lost one device since the switch to the v3 smarthings hub. I moved all devices with in a day or 2. my problems with hubitat didst occur until a few days after install. I have never had a problem with zigbee devices as long as I brought powered devices up first and have definitely have not had problems days later. My home is not huge a little over 1000 square feet SO even if I installed the devices out of order there is no reason why a centrally located hub would even need repeaters. Unless that hub is under powered.


Sorry I skipped you,,,

"I promise you I'm not trying to be antagonistic but you came across pretty arrogant and IMHO a bit nasty in your above post. We have a pretty helpful community that may have had some tips to help you get a stable mesh going. Did you ask ANYONE for help before making your final decision? If not, it's hard to give any validity to your claims or feel any empathy for your frustrations. Just the simple opinion from a community member."

I came of that way because of the aggravation of dealing with this product. Could you imagine if you where trying to make a honest living and installed hubitat in someones home and had to deal with the issues? Everyone here is bringing up these high systems like connect 4 . I am comparing it to its direct competitor which is not a high end system. In fact its cheaper then this product!


I don't discount your level of aggravation. I just felt like you came to a conclusion about a product (to the point posting what came across as unnecessarily angry comments) without asking anyone for help. To me, that is a bit arrogant. If I was getting aggravated with a fairly complex product, the first thing that I would do is reach out for assistance...especially when there is an active and helpful community available. The assumption that everything should work with one product the same as it did with another usually ends in disappointment. The assumption that years of experience with other HA devices makes one an expert on all HA devices usually ends the same as well.

My only real point here is....before posting such a negatively charged post, try asking support and/or the community for help. You just might save yourself a world of pain and aggravation.

Again...just my opinion...and the community is still here to help despite your inflammatory post.


@waynespringer79 you know there was less than 100 voters right? lol


I give up your all absolutely right to compare this product with anything else on the market is wrong there is no comparison. I wish you all well and expect this thread to be shut down just like the other one.,

Actually probably my hub too, but thats ok its got 4 devices on it that I was just to lazy to move over.

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Ok so I tried my best to go past this but I just couldn’t. So you say that your an installer, but you couldn’t get some devices working with HE and you put the blame on it. As an installer you do know it makes no difference what hub you get, your working with wireless tech here so the structure your installing in also makes a big difference. Just a quick story I’ve been having issues out of my zwave door locks and my zwave zigbee network, come to find out from my neighbor the former owner was a f*****g kook and head lead plates installed in some of the walls, hence the reason for my issues. So to some this up maybe if you would have took Waynes advice and asked the community someone could have helped you out but as stated your arrogant nature is kind of astonishing

Two topics with this word. Just what is "a installers prospective"?


And again you end up reacting the same way. People will always have different experiences and opinions about stuff. If you don't agree that is fine.

Do you want help with fixing your stuff? If not, then you should maybe just stop opening new topics on the same issue.


From a very satisfied owner's PERSPECTIVE you come across as a bit of a editted.

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it does come across that way, but it is text so you never know.

So let's give @Jmaddox the benefit of the doubt, do you want this great community to help you work out what's going on in your specific use case? Because what your experiencing is not the norm and it will be something that you have missed or misunderstood.
Just like other people who have come and asked it can be sorted and your be happy with the results.

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I've read about the week long experience with your Hubitat Elevation hub. That was a nightmare and I can absolutely empathize with your situation. It is NOT the experience we want our customers to have, period. Hubitat Elevation is an ever-changing platform, but we cannot improve our customers' experience without the valuable feedback we receive from customers such as yourself. I really wish you had reached out for help, the moment you've experienced the first setback. We cannot emphasize enough that individual environments are unique, and one's great experience can be another's worst nightmare. We know that in certain circumstances, home automation can be challenging, regardless of the platform that is used. We know that because we have been there many times, and we learned how to avoid situations that may otherwise bring us to the point we are ready to quit.

If you ever decide to give Hubitat Elevation another try, please don't hesitate to reach out when the problem occurs. I can assure you, that doing so can make a huge difference.

Your negative experience could have been triggered by many factors. Here are a few common examples that I know of, by working with other customers:

  • other controllers were active in your home, at the time you started building your mesh in Hubitat.
  • using unsupported browser or operating system.
  • failure to complete inclusion/paring of a device (this could happen with any controller, so not directly experiencing the same problem with other controller, doesn't automatically mean that the other controller is superior, it may just mean that you were more fortunate).
  • Zigbee channel overlapping Wi-Fi channel
  • inclusion of one or more devices that have not been tested by our engineers to work as expected
  • using a custom app or driver that corrupted your hub's database.
  • using a custom app or driver that was overwhelming your hub by throwing significant number of errors.

I would love to work with you to better understand the problem, or the combination of problems, that you have experienced.

If you'd like to perform a postmortem analysis of what caused your hub to perform the way it did, please send me a private message.


I wonder if he can spell Dunning-Kruger :thinking:


And to make my point clear I’m not trying to be an a*****e here. My observation was that he could take to this board and complain but he couldn’t ask for a little help with his situation. Every single time that I have had problems with my setup I come on this forum and I receive help not only from community members but I have also always gotten a response from the HE staff helping me solve my problem. I guess I was just seeing that he didn’t even ask for help before he got to bashing.

Ok I'll admit I had to "Hey Google" this. It made the post even more hilarious. Thanks for that.