From a custom device driver how to find other (non-child) devices?

I have a custom device driver where I am trying to read attributes (temperature/humidity) from other devices and use them.

I have the other device's deviceNetworkId as attributes if the custom driver.

I could not find a method to get a device by deviceNetworkId... is there one? or would there be a method to retrieve all the devices configured on the hub?

Not supported. The basic security model for the hub includes device isolation unless the device itself supports peer communication at the protocol level, i.e. Zwave associations, or zigbee group messaging.

Depending on what you’re attempting, you do have the capability of selecting devices and utilizing their attributes and commands from an app.


That makes me sad... but that is alright.

I just tested and I can do it with an app as you pointed out.

Thank you!

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