Frigidaire 2.0 app Link

Is anyone working on a Way to link to the Frigidaire 2.0 app To control the thermostat on the room ac?

They have a Alexa and google link.

Curious about this too, Did you figure out any workarounds to control it?

I'm also curious.

Like with any outside system, this mostly depends on whether that system encourages integrations by publishing an API for developers to work with.

If they do, then it’s generally not that difficult for a sufficiently motivated Hubitat dev to write a driver and/or app to integrate with. If they don’t, then the “work” required would likely involve reverse-engineering the API, which is much more time consuming.

As a large appliance manufacturer, I’d be surprised if Frigidaire has an open API for their a/c’s. But anything’s possible.

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The workaround is simple. Use a third-party IR controller that integrates with Hubitat. There are several.

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Think this helps with API?

Could use Google Home Automation/Alexa Skill to create an Automation. Then use IFTTT for it and use Hubitat to trigger the IFTTT.

I already have Google automation for "I'm hot" (turns it on for a period of time) and "I'm cold" (turns out off).

IFTTT could send the "I'm hot"/"I'm cold" command manually to Google. I could set up Hubitat to trigger those IFTTT if I needed to, however, I don't have a use case for that. Yet.

I created a work around for this and it works great. I created a virtual thermostat. I then wrote rules that when the settings or mode of that thermostat changes it sends command to Alexa to say and act on a phrase. Echo Speaks is required.
So if the requested temp changes it tells Alexa to set ac to temp. Or if the mode changes it says set ac to mode.,

Link Alexa to the Frigidaire cloud.

Now you have a dummy thermostat that looks real and if you change it alexa sends a command to the cloud.... You can do this with anything Alexa has voice commands for. Its a one way link it will only get out of sync if the ac doesn't accept the command or someone changes it manually.
I use a temp sensor to set the current temp in the virtual thermostat.

In the above I also have another window unit the thermostat turns on.

Then I have a fan mode controler

This controls a ac unit and a heater as well as the Frigidaire ac. It works great.
Using this process anything you can tell Alexa to do can be done from the hub.

PS when you set up the virtual thermostat you will have to create the extra fan modes
echo ,med,high