Friendly Advice - hpm/HSM/unofficial ring integration

No real question here; just mild amusement and some head shakes.

Last night a few of my door/light automations weren’t working. Started messing around with HPM (uninstall/reinstall) last night, not realizing the underlying issue. Went to bed unresolved.

Woke up early to take our pup out, noticed automations weren’t working. Ring motions were triggering (HSM) all lights when taking the dog out this morning.

Root cause (pointed out is a HPM thread), my Dns was messed up, from network tinkering I was doing over the weekend, but also appears I never set my gateway on my HE correctly (worked quite a while that way).

Basically, after fixing the dns problem just because I needed to at 5am, my advice is first don’t start and not finish fixing something before going to bed related to HPM or your alarm, and then don’t reinstall HPM, and reassociate the apps, including ring integration, at 5 am. All heck broke loose.

Early bird is getting smart home de-feathered this morning.


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Lol we've all been there. Another reason just to set a DHCP reservation instead. That way all relevant info will be passed to your IOT devices and one less thing to remember.


At 0500 the pups are lucky I can even find the door to let them out, much less start tinkering with my hubs!

Stupid vlan, fw rules, and Pihole. Oh well.

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Yea, it’s basically a silent rock, paper, scissors with the wife on whose turn it is to make that morning trip. I say pup, but really it’s our senior dog, so we think it’s karma watching to see what we do.

And then the alarms/lights go off….


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Try doing it with a 4 year old, a 10 year old (both arguing) and 2 dogs requiring attention... It's maddening

The one on the right is acting shady AF as if he knows he did something...


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