Frequent network drops detected and now showing low memory in location events

Found this message in the location events on my development hub and can't understand why it's giving this. When the hub was running things at my mom's house never saw it:

Frequent network drops detected

Also the low memory warning is on the alert area and all I have done with this hub is stand up hub mesh from my primary hub and try to bring some devices over.

Seems like there is a memory leak but no way of knowing where it is.

Probably should reboot and then look, 62K is the lowest value I’ve seen in a hub that is still running.

Just rebooted and installed a new network cable, both cables tested just fine with my pair scanner but replaced just in case.

If you still get the drops, could try going to Settings | Network Setup, scroll down to Ethernet Speed and change it to Fixed 100mbps instead of Auto negotiated - works better for some.

Well my primary hub has no issue with auto on the same switch. The only difference between this hub and my main hub is that this has a static IP address.

Just watched and the message came across again with the new cable. The only thing this hub is doing right now is hub mesh (receiver) and a few devices are replicated from my primary hub. I was testing out hub mesh to see if I can do some development work wihtout impacting the primary hub and the code there.

Can you do a dhcp reservation on that one instead of the static and see if that improves things?

@gopher.ny tagging just in case

I let it soak in overnight and only one event two hours ago but now clean again. I did remove drivers I didn't need along with apps etc this morning. When I decommissioned the hub from my mom's house I removed all the Z-wave and ZigBee devices, reset the radios etc right after I installed it here at home. I did another reboot this morning after this mornings cleanup.

What hub firmware version are you running?

If you'd like us to take a look at your hub's engineering logs to make sure it's not a hardware issue, send me a PM and will take a look.