Free Memory reduced since update

Since I updated my C5 & C7 hubs to the free memory is considerably lower.
If you look at the graphs below, hub #1 (C7 hub) was running at 288,000 free memory. After updating it has declined to 212,000 quite quickly. Hopefully it is flattening out. Time will tell.
hub #2 (C5) also has less free memory but is not as bad.
Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this and if anyone thinks this may turn into an issue going forward.
BTW the only thing I have done since update is upgrade @thebearmay's Hub Information driver and the HUbiGraph app.

Just tagging @gopher.ny for comment. (Only if you want to though :wink: )

Yes, on C5s and C7s, the process is given more memory at the start. The expectation is that it should flatten at an acceptable point. Please let me know if it doesn't.

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Thanks for the swift reply. I'll keep my beady eye on it but I was more concerned with the level of free memory.

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That's not new with 2.2.6 is it? I think I see a similar pattern on my C-5 with