Forum Notifications via Email?

I noticed I am not getting email notifications when people reply to a topic that I am watching. Does the forum only notify in-browser? Or should I be getting these. Checked my spam and searched "hubitat" in my gmail to no luck.

Do you have the option set in preferences? If so, is it set to "only when away"? If so, do you leave a browser tab with the forum open for long periods of time?

But... there is something wrong with notifications on this forum because I do not get notified when something is posted in release notes like I should.



You have this setting enabled?


I agree with @waterboysh. There's something not working right with notifications. I do get the emails for replies and quotes. But I never get emails on categories that I have set as "watching."

Thanks everyone. That was it. I was so focused on the "Notifications" section I completely skipped the "Emails" section. :man_facepalming:. Had everything set to Never for some reason. All good now! thank you.

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