Forest Shuttle Curtain Motor (with Z-Wave)

I've searched the entire forum to find out, that there isn't a single topic about the Forest Shuttle motors for curtains.

In Europe/Netherlands it is a populair brand for motorised curtains. The company offers a few solutions to contol the curtains:

  • RF with their remote control
  • WiFi-plugin-module and their app Forest Connect to control with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home
  • Z-Wave version of their Shuttle-motors, which are supported by Fibaro and Homey. And also seem to work with Domoticz.
  • Wireless Connector: the connector is controlled by a smart switch (on or off), which then controls the curtains via RF (open and close).

I'm interested in the Shuttle motor with integrated z-wave actor, but I can't find out if it will work with hubitat.

Any suggestions? Is it possible, for example, to make a custom driver based on the information by domoticz?

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