Force Polling/Refresh for temperature

I have 2 Remotec ZXT-120 blasters for my AC control as well as 3 Aeotec Multisensor 6. I'm trying to create a rule to adjust the AC for certain temperatures, but the devices seems to report the temperatures at random times. I've tried to create a refresh rule, but it will only accept the Remotec sensors and it doesn't get the temperature. Polling won't accept neither of the sensor types. Does anyone know if there is another way to force temperature reading updates on this devices? I understand that if I change the devices to a generic zwave switch polling becomes available, but then I loose functionality of the devices... so maybe there is a way to force polling capabilities on this devices?
Thank you!

They should report temp on change immediately... So your rule should include change in it. General reporting happens usually around 12 hours. Are you just trying to balance temps with other parts of the house? You could combine all the sensors to take an average then base your thermostat on that as well.


I guess I misinterpreted the data then... Remotec only reports 1 degree change (which can span a few hours) and the others report 1/10 degree (which usually happens in a few minutes) - so looking at the date I saw a lot from multisensor and not as many from remotec. Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

To pile on, if you want to aggregate the sensors to get average temp, my app will do that :grin:.


I mean 1/10th to me is a little much (breathing could trigger the change and I'm not sure I'm capable of detecting that change on my skin). If your sensor is only changing every couple of hours that indicates a very stable temp environment. I would aggregate all your temp sensors so that you can adjust things.


Yes, completely agree! Just not sure how to change the sensor to report only on a full degree change.. my home has split ACs, so I need to control each room individually - but thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks @FriedCheese2006 ! My home has split ACs, so I need to control each room individually - but I definitely have us for this for complex scenes! :smiley:

No problem, just throwing it out there. One caveat is that if you have multiple sensors in each room, you can create an app instance for each one and just aggregate the sensors for that room.

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