For those who own a personal weather station and have it working with HE, what do you own?

In case you haven't found it yet, the Belchertown skin is the killer app that WeeWX always lacked. It uses MQTT/Mosquitto from WeeWX to provide live observations as they come in from the station. Throw in a few CSS tweaks to remove the banners and enable dark mode, and it makes an awesome PWS console on a wall-mounted tablet running on the Fully Kiosk Browser.

There is a huge pitfall to owning more than one weather never know which one is correct!!!!!

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how are you connecting your ecowitt gw1000 to node-red?

I wrote a flow to accept the connection from the GW1000 and then nodes to parse out the different values. Sadly the flow is gone as with that node-red instance went up in smoke... it was on a test instance and of course not backed up.

The Ambient Weather options is more "realtime" the other option under $200. I can do wind burst for example. The others can not. It believe can report both locally and to WU. I think I need to get everything else working before I shell out that kind of money.

Not sure exactly what post you were replying to.

There is a great HE integration for the

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That’s what I’ve been using. I’m just trying to take as much load off my hubitat hubs as possible.

a while back I bought a C5 and moved all my community apps and dashboards to it. I moved most my complex rules to node-red (simpler for me), and my 'devices' hub run much better.

for sure. I am using four hubitat hubs to distribute load over and noticed a significant improvement in responsiveness and reliability when I moved my most complex automations to node-red.

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I'm an old school C++/Java developer, so writing the Ecowitt Hubitat integration was (relatively) easy. But I love and actively use node-red, so I'm thinking about writing the Ecowitt node-red one as well.
One of these days, if there's still isn't one, I'll have to bite the bullet, learn nodejs/javascript and give it a try.

nice! that would be awesome! your driver has been great on hubitat. Now that pretty much all my automations that revolve around my weather station are in node-red though, I'd rather not have to route all that info through hubitat.

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I am just trying to get ANY weather to work. I have tried several. Nothing connects.

Are you saying you're using the EcoWitt gateway with the Ambient Weather sensor array? I have a WS-1001 but I'm looking for a gateway that allows me to access my sensor data locally without having to use a cloud service like WU.

I will say that in my case, the Ecowitt Gateway works just fine with my Ambient WS-2902A. That is why I added it into my driver.

yes ecowitt works with ambient devices but not vice versa

Chiming in very late to this... I have a Davis Vantage 2 Pro that connects to the web via CumulusMX, which in turn reports to Weather Underground. I get weather back into HE via the enhanced Weather Underground driver from @dJOS, which I believe builds on earlier work from @Cobra. It works beautifully.

I do wish I could find a driver that connects CumulusMx to HE so that I had a connection between HE and my weather station that didn't go through the web, but apparently this is difficult due to the design of CumulusMx. If I switched to WeeWx, there is a driver that does just that (but I don't currently have the time to switch all my feeds from from CumulusMx to WeeWx, and running both on the same RPi doesn't work reliably). Anyway, that's my setup, and I'm very happy with it other than the need to go through the web to get data into my HE. Even that is very reliable, though, and I want to change it only as a "what happens if the world collapses for a bit" precaution. I never worried much about that until the past year!


Ecowitt HP2553 works perfect through Mircolino's excellent integration


Hesitating between the Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart Weather Station and the tempest weather station. Is the Temoest all that it’s cracked up to be at twice the price?

I’ve got a Netatmo system with all the modules. Works great with HE.

I have an older Ambient 2902A and a Tempest (and an Acurite). Tempest has certainly made a decent app and the station seems well constructed and works well. My Ambient has not had any problems though. Both can be integrated in a couple ways.

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