FOR SALE: WithThings scales

I picked up a few WithThings scales lately, and put them on eBay.

But If anyone from here would like one, please let me know and I'll ping you a voucher for Β£5 off which can be used at checkout :+1:

I have 6 in total.
2 x Black Withings Body+
1 x White Withings Body+

2 x Black Withings Body
1 x White Withings Body

Work great with @dman2306 's WithThings integration :+1:

Yeah I'm fat, you're not seeing just how fat :smiley:
I do have some other things on there, but not that much of interest :joy: But I'd also do the same on those for forum mates :wink:


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While I’m not in the market for one, I want to reiterate that these are great scales.

They make good motivators to maintain a diet and to exercise. The scale has helped me drop 20+ pounds in 3 months, reducing my BMI from ~27 to ~25.

They’re a great deal with the Β£5 discount @Royski is offering!

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We have had one for several years now and I agree, it's a great tool. It helped me drop 40 pounds and keep it off. My bride's experience is similar to mine.


This seems an interesting alternative to facial recognition for access.... anyone weighing more than my wife or I does not get an unlock, but standing on the scale unlocks the door for us.

But what of the weight of whatever we are carrying, which is the main reason for a foot-operated door opening scheme? Darn.

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And if you leave home, have a large meal and then come home and you're over weight, you might have to jog around the house a few times before it'll let you in...


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