For sale: Hue 5/6" recessed downlights, Pico remotes with wall mount kit

You know how sometimes you have this great idea for how you want to automate things, or you see a great deal on a home automation item, and you buy things that it turns out you won't really use? Yeah, that's why I'm posting today. Here are a couple of brand new (never opened) items I bought that I didn't end up using for one reason or another, and would like to recoup some of my costs on:

SOLD 18 Hue 5/6" White Ambiance High Lumen Retrofit Recessed Downlight - This is the "New" higher lumen version. - $40 each

2 Hue 5/6" White & Color Ambiance recessed downlights - These are the kind that screw into an existing can, taking the place of the original bulb. "Old" version, not the newer High lumen ver- $45 each

6 Lutron Caseta Pico remotes with wall mount kit - These are standard Pico remotes, but come with the wall plate and mounting adapter so you can attach over an existing switch box or stick it to a wall where there is no switch currently. Or, throw the wall mount in a drawer and just use the pico remote by itself if you don't need the mount. - $20 each

I've tried to set reasonable prices that are lower than what you'd pay through amazon or such, but if it seems like I'm off let me know. I'll consider reasonable offers.


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Added more hue downlights to the original post, this time the new high lumen version of the White Ambiance downlight. Again, DM me with any reasonable offers, particularly if you want more than 1.

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