FOR SALE - August Locks, Keypads and WiFi Bridges

I have 5 silver August Gen2 locks with Keypads and WiFi Bridges. I asking $150 for each set plus shipping.
I also have 1 bronze Gen1 lock with Keypad and WiFi Bridge. I am asking $75 for the set plus shipping.
Buy all 5 of the Gen2 for $600 plus shipping and I'll include the Gen1 set. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Probably a money maker for anyone who wants to resell on Ebay. I'd rather not bother with that, so giving you all a chance to make some money.

I just did a little more research on Ebay, and it looks like I'm pretty high on these. So, new pricing.

G2 sets at $75 each + shipping
G1 set at $25 each + shipping
All for $300

Hurry before I lower the price again!

G1 is gone. Now all thats left (5 sets) for $275 plus shipping.