For Sale: 5 x Aqara Motion Sensors

Hi all.
I'm gradually replacing my Aqara motion sensors and have listed 5 for sale on eBay.
Have a peek if you are interested.

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eh, you too?, mine kept falling off.
They're actually fantastic on the Aqara hub or on home assistant. So small and the battery lasts forever

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Fantastic devices.
They would stay connected for months then I would get a spate of issues and then they would be stable again.
Bought a couple of Sonoff sensors to try and they haven't missed a beat.
To illiminate mesh issues I tried one next to an Aqara and occasionally the Aqara would drop of but the Sonoff would stay connected hence the gradual change out.

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My Aqara's are the same. I only have 2 in the hallway, <2m from the hub, 1 seems stable and the other drops off now and then but comes back online itself.

Where are you getting the Sonoff's from, I might get one to try.

Getting the Sonoff's from Ebay.
Normally under £10 inc shipping.
I go for ones located in UK with 5 day shipping. You can end up waiting 2 - 4 weeks otherwise.

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There's still time for failure, but based on what others have said and my experience so far, those things love the Conbee 2. They join in about 2 seconds and won't route through a nearby IKEA plug. It's just sitting there and three Aqara devices around it that I joined in-place route back to the coordinator instead.

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How long has it been? With the stick I’m using about 30 devices are routing directly to the coordinator. And the rest (~45) are routing through routers. Router preference seems to be:

  1. Tradfri USB repeaters
  2. Tradfri control outlet
  3. Innr sp224 outlet

But it took some time for those routes to be established. And, FWIW, I think it is about a month now, and nothing has fallen off.

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Only a week, so anything can happen. I’m encouraged from what I’ve been told and my experience thus far.

It’s not going to upset me if they drop. The Aqara hub will still be here, runs local and works fine with HomeKit Controller. But I like it and hope it works out in the long run.

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