Flume2 $30 off Earth Day weekend

Flume2 is $30 off this Earth Day weekend Flume site


For any curious folks, community thread on Flume here - it's a solid performer!

Flume integration


"Whether Forcast"- Cloudy with a chance of bankruptcy

The Who "We won't get fooled again"

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Here's the deep link to where I shared my HE integration: Flume integration - #36 by tomw

A couple of other people have also contributed and added some really cool functionality recently.


If you can tell me about an off-the-shelf device that can do this same thing 100% local, I'm all ears.

Until that day comes, I've assessed the cloud risk and I accept it in order to have this particular capability. I'm not saying it's chump change in terms of money, but it's not several hundreds or thousands of dollars down the drain if it goes south. Until a viable plug-n-play local alternative comes along, I'll take my chances here.


Same here. Maybe not a great idea to rely solely on this for something like detection of a burst pipe or washing machine hose to trigger a house water main shut off.

But for detection of a slow leak, or interesting data re: water usage (if it works as well as advertised), Iā€™m certainly intrigued.

Looks like they have referral discounts. Anyone know if that will combine with the $30 off promo?

Absolutely - Flume w/@tomw's integration already caught two leaks for me in my irrigation that weren't obvious, would never have found them otherwise!

Absolutely agree.


I'm completely pleased w/the Flume + HE integration, and would buy it again in a heart beat.


Ditto here!