Flooded logs

I have several z-wave (plus and non-plus) devices flooding my logs
GE Z-Wave

Here is a z-wave plus, I think it's a Go Control

C-3 running

Don't recall seeing this in the past, not sure when it started


Thought? Yoyu are getting massive re-tries on your zwave devices/mesh. Either because:

  • Bad device
  • Poor signal quality - not enough repeaters, too far apart, or interference
  • Hub is gummed up and not getting acks out fast enough

1st step is to shutdown hub from interface, unplug power for 30s, and power back up to completely reboot/power cycle the hub.

If it keeps doing it, see #1 and #2 above.

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Maybe you lost one of your repeater devices? Or a bad switch? Those GE are getting to the age where they seem to by dying for a lot of people.

I rebooted this morning and the logs have settled down, must have been Hub related. I have a few repeaters and they are all online and no issues with any devices, just this logging...

My mesh has been very good as well

I do see many of my Z-Wave Plus switches (GE, GoControl) showing an On [physical] right behind being enabled via HE (we don't use the manual switches but maybe once a month)

ML rule for this light

Thoughts on the [physical on] knowing we don't use them?

My thought is that you are still getting multiple reports from the devices - indicating either a device or mesh issue (assuming ACKs are now ok / assuming you did a hub shutdown and removing power for 30s as mentioned, and not just a regular reboot).

On most of the drivers I've seen, they either:

  • Set a variable if the hub sends the command, thus when the report comes it knows it should be a "digital" event
  • Or just immediately sends the event as "digital" in the command initiation - thus when reports come in it was not expecting it believes they are physical.

Thus, if you are getting multiple "extra" reports back from the device (common if the device did not receive an ACK on the 1st event from the hub) then the subsequent events would show up as "physical".

TL;DR - you are probably still having device or mesh issues.

Thanks for the reply and helping me work through this

Yes, shutdown, pulled plug ~60 seconds, powered up

The device that I posted above is a Z-Wave plus (GoControl) switch and is literally 3' from the hub, and there are 2 repeaters in the same laundry room (dryer and washer) so unless the device is routing out and back in, can't see how it's a mesh issue

The device stats seem to be OK, no long delays

Another switch (GE Z-Wave Plus) is 8' from the hub

Am I not reading the device stats correctly?
It is a C3 running current FW

Usually that should be enough.

Any other 900mhz devices in operation (some older cordless phones, baby monitors, etc) that could be causing interference?

Otherwise I don't have any other ideas other than maybe a bad device causing weirdness, or maybe the hub is still doing something odd for reasons we don't know.

Impossible to tell that, though, without a zwave sniffer to see what actual messages and ack are happening.

Thanks Jason

Nothing that I can think of related to cordless phones...

I'll keep an eye on it

Thanks again

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