Flair home vent

Hmmm... interesting!
Thanks for the update.
From what I was reading on their forums, it SOUNDED like they did, but there was no definitive answer, just a mention of their algorithm.

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I use the @yracine66 device manager and app, but i then have my own webcore routines to control my vents. 23 vents total, 3 pucks, 9 zones, all working well. Took some time to implement, but everyroom/zone running on a virtual thermostat and temperature setting based upon occupancy, time of day, etc. (whatever you need). For the pressure sensors on the vents, they are there, but not used, just reporting and when monitoring them, they are not consistent from vent to vent. Flair "algorithm" instead never lets you close more than 1/3 of the vents (if using the flair app). But using the device manger above and webcore (or rule machine of choice), you have total control. Bypass dampers to help with back pressure concerns. Added fresh air intake and damper for those nice days. Happy so far.