Flagged post digression

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Me either! All 3 hubs working really well now :crossed_fingers:


(I know that's not what you meant)

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This just came up with a message asking me if I wanted to view "ignored" content. What is "Ignored" content? I didn't choose to ignore anything or anyone.


Somebody marked it as spam.. whatever.

Honestly, the more people do that makes me wonder why I stick around. It's not like I didn't put in effort to fix these issues... 15 months..

I'm sure I will be banned soon. Kind of stupid I can't voice my opinion at all without being flagged.

Everyone's opinion matters, and we welcome constructive criticism that adds to the conversation by offering reasoned counter-arguments.



Flagged posts will appear as ignored to all users until the post is edited, or removed by an admin.

@mik3 I’m not sure what led to your most recent post being flagged, but it’s clear that you were dissatisfied with your hubitat experience, you sold your hub, and now TBH it feels like you’re just trolling this forum because this isn’t the first such post that was flagged, as you pointed out...


I'm starting to feel that way. To be honest, I'm hanging around to keep an eye on c7 and what people's experiences are.

To add, i'm still offering constructive help for other matters that's universal across all home automation systems.

Either way, If the community feels this way and continues to flag posts, I'm moving on.

It’s not necessarily an either/or situation.

By all means, please continue to post constructive points that add to discussions.

But please also think twice before posting something that could easily be construed as a disgruntled former user just trolling to get people riled up?


I didn't mark it, but it IS spam.

If you are so unhappy with Hubitat.... Stop... Posting... Here... Move on to something else that meets your needs.

Saying how unhappy you are over, and over, again when you don't even use the product is not constructive.

Coming back and posting negativity on some other products forums just for the sake of being negative, is spam/trolling. Strive to be better.


It's fine to voice your opinion and we all have them but a repeat of the same opinion is probably not constructive. I don't know you but I also like the balanced views people have on this community, so don't get banned and in sure your offers to help didn't fall on deaf ears

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Agreed, multiple viewpoints are a GOOD THING - if they are constructive.

Below are my opinions - I don't work for Hubitat:

  • Suggestions on how to improve features are welcome.
  • Suggestions on new features that one thinks should be in the product are welcome.
  • Criticisms on how a feature should work differently in your opinion are welcome.
  • Mentioning a feature, or how a specific feature works in another product and is subjectively better is welcome
  • Some amount of "just venting frustration" when things aren't working is even welcome, as it can lead to the bullet points above.

Good points, I think it's best I move on. I'll lurk, but I'm not going to bother posting. At least for now.

IMHO - you've lost a ton of credibility with your behavior. And I'm not saying that to instigate an argument. Even you saying that you'll remain silent is a hollow promise at best. And even having been warned has just made your posts borderline instead of flat out antagonistic. You have, In the past had very good contributions, but I, for one, have grown tired if this childish tirade you set out on and now scroll right past your posts. It really just makes me silently wish someone would put this to rest permanently. You moving on is a sad loss of knowledge and experience but I wont miss what you're doing here today. Not one bit. I know what I typed sounds really mean and antagonistic in itself, but it had to be said. And you needed to read it before the community flags it.
I'll be anticipating the flags to fly on this post.


That's blunter than I would have phrased it. But I agree what you've written.


@bobbyD is it time to close this thread?