[fixed on .156] BUG hub mesh broke sharing Tasmota - Universal Parent driver

BUG hub mesh broke sharing Tasmota - Universal Parent driver
Reproduceable 100% of times on C5 and C7, worked fine until todays firmware update.

Any time a device is shared with Hub Mesh it will return a 500 error code not shown on logs but in return screen:

Will also create a ghost device on counterpart hub and if "created", would delete the source device parent device which in turn will leave all childs orphaned (no pun).
No messages would be logged but 500errors whenever referenced.
Same behavior on RM rules where device where was used.



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Noted - I'm on it.



I updated my C7 and two C5s. The one C5 with Tasmota devices on it got stuck at 75% on boot. I had to roll all three back because of the change in hub mesh.

I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not.

I could repro the issue. Installed parent and whether is shared on the mesh the issue would arise. The devices I had prior the upgraded got deleted at the source driver.

Not a coincidence, same StackOverflowError tripped booting process. There will be a hot fix for this. Don't share this driver in hub mesh until there's one.


Good morning.
Thanks for the confirmation. Understood.

thanks, for the confirmation. (just released) has a fix. I specifically tested it with a Tasmota driver.


My C5 with Tasmota devices is now updated to .156 and is up and running (previously stalled @ 75% initializing on boot) ... it does pause for a couple minutes at the 75% mark though.

Updating my C7 and other C5 now to the same version.

@gopher.ny - C7 updated and shared tasmota devices are functional.
Thank you

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thank good Sir. Back to business. Great response time, my hats off.