Fix for aeotec dual nano driver

Usually drivers have 'configure' button.

Aside of it sometimes you may need to manually remove child devices (using service driver). It highly depends on how specific driver manages child devices in code.

In my driver there is a cleanup functionality during configuration.

void configureChildDevices() {
    getChildDevices().each { deleteChildDevice("${it.deviceNetworkId}") }

But I dont't know implementation details of the built-in driver.

Re-inclusion - is the most straight forward way in a sense that platform will make cleanup for you.

If the system driver uses a different DNI scheme for the child devices it might not be able to work with the childs created by the custom driver. WARNING, if you have any apps tied to the childs they will need to be fixed after this. You can switch to the generic driver named "Device" then use the command button to delete the child device. Switch back to the driver you wish to use and run configure, it should create new child devices that work correctly.

Thanks gents :pray:, all swapped and physical attributes on aeotec dual nano switch now working as expected. I ended up just deleting the children and the hit configure button on parent which after some time re-created the children which were correctly linked to the updated inbuilt aeotec dual nano driver. Removed from hub mess then re-added and performed sync then on primary hub re-added children to relevant rooms and room lighting auto added them back to the original rules I had established prior