First time using Motion LIghting

I'm just starting out with the Motion Lighting App. The action I don't seem to be able to enable is keeping the lights on for a period of time even when motion is inactive. Here's the scenario:

  • When motion is active turn lights on between 4:30p and 8p. Set brightness to 99.
  • Keep lights on even if motion is inactive between these times after the inital activation.
  • At 8pm dim lights to 20 and keep on.
  • Turn off lights at a certain time in the late evening

I've read threads about overriding the motion inactive trigger but either I don't understand how it works or I'm doing it wrong. What options do I have?

One option is to use a couple of rules to do what you want rather than trying to do it all at once. One motion lighting rule (or you can use the new room lighting app) that turns the lights on when there's motion between 430 and 8 (with a delayed turn off), another basic rule than dims the lights at 8, and another that turns them off at a certain time.

If you have an existing motion lighting rule you need some help debugging, just post a screen shot here.

Motion Lighting is the wrong app for this. You could do this with a Basic Rules using Waits for 8p and the later time.

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