First Time User - Integration Roadblock with IFTTT

Good morning!
I've set up my Hubitat, and have added a few Smartthings Devices (Motion sensor, door open/close sensor) to the hub. They seem to show fine within the Hub.

I created an applet in IFTTT to make a light turn on when motion detected from Smartthings. Great and easy!

Next I wanted to work on having a light turn on/off when a door is opened however when I go to create an applet from IFTTT there doesn't appear to be any options to click that register the SmartThings devices. All options I click either only show the Motion Sensor or the says "Options Unavailable".

Any tips for a newbie of something I may have missed or a document that I missed reading?


Hello and welcome to Hubitat.

Go to the Hubitat Apps page, and click on the IFTTT integration app that you added earlier.

It will indicate the modes and devices you want to expose to IFTTT. If you click on the devices, it will bring up all your Hubitat devices. Select the new ones you want to expose to IFTTT, and click Update.

Now go back to IFTTT and create your applet.

At the risk of asking an "obvious" question...

If all the (SmartThings branded) devices are in Hubitat local, why do you want to perform actions in Hubitat via the cloud instead of locally? [I am making an assumption all the devices are local in Hubitat] There are valid reasons to perform actions via a cloud interface (IFTTT/HubLink/Amazon, but a few], but local interactions/processes/rules/routines (whatever you want to call them) between all local devices should be done locally, ideally Rule Machine. Why slow your system down...


@aaiyar Awesome - thank you! I will try this.


Not obvious at all - those are the types of things that I may not be aware of yet so I appreciate the question/suggestion.

The SmartThings branded devices are my "Ifs". Right now all my "thats" are wifi only.

I think the challenge is that my end devices (light switches) are only Wi-Fi at the moment. So i don't think I can control them via Hubitat can I? (Kasa, Globe Suite, Prime Wire)

As mentioned, there are valid reasons, and Wi-fi devices typically is one of them.

Having said this, depends on the wi-fi devices... I have TP-Link and Wemo wi-fi devices, and they both work really well with LOCAL integrations... There may be others as well that I am not aware of.

But yes, for the most part, wi-fi harware has to go cloud. I have no IFTTT integrations, so sorry, I cannot assist there.

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