First time scene user


I just started using scenes last night and I'm having an issue with it that I'm not sure how to debug.

I have a movie scene that turns off a bunch of lights and switches in my living room and also sets some RBG strips to specific temperatures and colors.
I trigger the scene using a simple automation rule which works fine. The trigger for the rule is a virtual switch called "virtual movie switch"

From reading the documentation and forum posts I should also be able to turn off the scene which I also have set up in the same rule. I would have expected turning off the scene to turn off all the lights, however nothing happens.

Some extra information, when I turn on the scene from the device page things turn on and off as expected. What i notice in the activity log of the scene device is that after I turn on the scene it automatically turns off less than a second later.
If I press off in the device page the lights do turn off.
When I look in the app page I see that after the scene is turned on the scene is listed as active even though in the device page the state shows that it's off because it always turns off less than a second later.

What i suspect is happening, when my "movie virtual switch" turns off the simple automation runs, but because the state of scene device is already off the action executed.

So some questions. Am I right that is a simple rule is confirmed to turn something off that is already off that it will just say the device is already off so it won't bother doing it again?

Is it normal that the virtual scene device state automatically changes back to off after less than 1 second? And if not why would the state charge to off?

Any idea why the state in the scene device page doesn't match the status in the scene application?

Thanks very much

ok, so I did some more debugging and it turns out that the reason the Scene activator device was switching off straight away was because there is a problem with the driver for one of the LED strips.

When I set the colour temperature of that device using the scene (and using other methods too) the device physically performs as expected, however the colorMode state is stuck on RGB.
So my scene activates, but straight away because the colorMode of 1 device is not as expected the Scene activator device turns off straight away. When I removed that device from the scene everything started working as expected.

I suspect that there's a minor bug with the scene app itself that when a corresponding bug in a driver causes a bulb to not go into the state that the scene is trying to configure the bulb into, that the Scene activator device correctly turns off, but the app still says that the scene is On which causes the confusion when debugging things