First steps to diagnose a hub that now crashes every 48hrs

I simplified my setup to just having a few basic apps and moved all automation to Nodered, also removing my 2nd hub in the process.

I started getting several crashes per week so lazily added the app to auto reboot each day at 3am. It's still crashing.

What are the best steps to take to diagnose? Start pausing all apps? These are all I have installed:

Yes, disabling apps/drivers would be one way to start the diagnoses. This can be done by 1. Showing the β€œDisable” column and then 2. adding a check mark to items to disable.

You can also find good information in the logs - Are there errors? And this same area allows you to see App and Device statistics that should help you.

Does crash = complete freeze, with no zigbee, zwave or other devices controlled by the hub and no access through the network interface, and it is remedied only by power cycle?

Edit: also, which generation hub is it?

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Crash is no webui and unresponsive to other services (e.g. nodered, home assistant).

It's a Rev C-4